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  1. Yadix is a very stable and reliable broker, I’m trading with many brokers and using different strategies and systems. I’m getting always excellent support and no issues with withdrawals.

  2. I am trading on the Scalper account, very good trading rules and the leverage doesn’t change based on balance

  3. Daily Trends Market Report From Yadix

    Yadix has joined with leading Forex technical analysts to be able to deliver to clients a daily report focusing on trending major currency pairs and economic market data releases.

    High-quality and accurate assessments of the Forex markets and the latest market trends are delivered by email and shared on our social media outlets to give traders a professional insight into the markets and helps reach more educated trading decisions.

    As trends in the Forex markets are influenced by high impact economic data releases, it’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest news. The Yadix Daily Trend Report allows all traders to prepare for the intraday market predictions and can have a positive impact on trading results.

    To subscribe to the Yadix Daily Trends, please sign up for a trading account at Yadix STP Broker or follow us on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

  4. Yadix is a great broker, brilliant and fast execution and amazing spread

  5. I like from Yadix the low spread and tight of spread – it is very consitant. I use spread record tool and the average on EURUSD in February was only 0.32 pips, this recording every day and during news also.

    I am investing in own trading account and two PAMM managers 12427 and 17630 with Yadix, both have very safe strategy and give nice return each month.

  6. Yadix is great broker – the free Forex VPS gives execution less than 1 millisecond from France where I am.

    I see some of the data in review here is out of date. Their spread start from 0.1 on majors, they have managed accounts and ECN accs too.

    Very good broker

  7. Got a new offer from Yadix, it is free iPhone 5s. Have 90 days to reach requirements, no trading restrictions.

    I will use combination of hedging and scalping to get this gift, then to earn rebate $10 per lot

  8. The best and fastest or execution of any true STP broker – very accurate fills and good selection of accounts – trust this forex broker, very transparent and honest.

  9. Absolutely brilliant order execution – scalping robot s very aggressive and I have not had any issue with orders at Yadix for 6 months now.
    The service and withdrawals are fast and efficient – best forex customer support I’ve experienced

  10. YADIX ECN/STP Broker

    Improved Trading Conditions on the Yadix Account for Scalping!

    Dear Forum Members

    I would like to update all traders/readers that following a review of our Scalper Account conditions, a decision was made to reduce the commission of this account from 0.65 to 0.5 pips per side to allow more favourable and cost-effective trading for our clients. A reduction of 0.3 pips per lot traded!

    The Yadix Scalper Account was designed to make Raw Spread trading available to forex traders of all levels with affordable account opening, especially for profitable Scalpers and Expert Advisor traders.

    Scalper Account Advantages:

    RAW SPREADS: From 0.1 pips
    Low ECN Commission: 0.5 pips per side
    Specialist Liquidity Providers: Ideal for Forex Scalpers
    Inter-Bank Trading:Trade direct with forex markets (no market making)
    Transparency: 100% transparency on the STP/ECN Forex Model
    Account Opening: Only $500

    Successful Forex Scalping

    To operate a successful forex trading strategy, there are forex trading conditions that your broker must deliver. At Yadix, we have designed a unique trading account that allows even the most aggressive and profitable forex scalpers to trade without restrictions or issue. Dedicated liquidity providers connected to the Yadix Scalper account give us the ability to comfortably accept scalpers. There are no stop levels or limits, no time restrictions and true market depth that allows trade sizes from 0.001 (micro lots to 100 lots)

    Profitable EA Trading

    For clients that trade forex using profitable Expert Advisors, the Yadix Scalper Account not only provides the lowest cost trading conditions available for a low investment, but it also allows accurate and fast order execution based on RAW SPREADS (direct market pricing), anonymous order execution protects your profitable trading strategy.

    Please contact us for more information on the new Scalper Account conditions or other account types available at Yadix.

    Wishing you successful scalping

    George Miller

  11. Thanks George for you answer.
    I’m already trading with Scalper account and everything is perfect so far. Especially I like your fast execution!

  12. YADIX ECN/STP Broker

    Hello Alex, We have no restrictions for your scalping robot. You will find excellent order execution,no or very low latency, tight stops and no limits or levels or stop loss, take profit or pending orders.

    You can withdraw each day easily using the automated client area system. There is no issue in even teh most profitable trading strategies.

  13. hello George! Tell me please if you have some time restrictions for scalping robots? and also may I withdraw let’s say every day my profit?

  14. YADIX ECN/STP Broker

    Hello Igor,

    We are regulated by the Financial Services Commission – for any questions in Russian, please write to



  15. YADIX ECN/STP Broker

    Dear forex traders,

    My name is George Miller, I am the manager of the Yadix Automated & Scalping Trading Team and the Yadix representative for this excellent forum.

    Yadix is an ECN/STP broker offering superior order execution ideal for forex scalpers and EA systems including scalping robots. Our trading conditions include no trading restrictions on Stop Loss, Take Profit or pending orders and no re-quotes.
    Yadix specialises in accepting profitable traders, aggressive trading strategies, scalping systems and all other strategies.

    About Yadix
    Below are listed some of the most important aspects of our trading conditions and scalping policies for your review:

    Leading Trading Conditions for Scalpers, EAs and Manual Traders:
    • True ECN/STP Broker – No forex strategy restrictions
    • Low Spreads –Starting from 0.3 pips EURUSD (live feed available on site)
    • Deep Liquidity – Direct access to multi-bank liquidity
    • No Conflict of Interest – Anonymous trading protects trading strategies
    • No Trading Restrictions – Pending orders, SL, TP with no stop levels
    • Valuable Rewards for all Traders – Visit site for more information

    I am here to help traders understand more about Yadix, respond to questions or issues, both positive and negative. I will answer each question openly and transparently just like our philosophy – I am reachable on

  16. MAX, I’ve read your comment a few times and have no clue what you are talking about!! 80 pips slippage is impossible, are you sure you are not making that comment up??? Seems suspicious that you are the only poster to complain about Yadix!

    I’ve traded with them for four months, never slipped, never a withdrawal issue, seems very very strange that you call them scam?!

  17. Yadix gives me excellent order execution, without restriction on scalping. It means that I can set stop orders with no pip or time restriction.

    Great service and rewards too

  18. yadix is fraud, not do what he promised. I had a slipped 80 pips over and ask for both, they said it was the best market price. Pedi me back the $ 360 by bank transfer in decimerme worried there that got better with another bank liquidity, obviously I’m not interested in stealing again. I returned 300 to the credit card and the remaining $ 60 I had to claim them because they saw them anywhere. I told the rest will tranferir to my bank account, but transfer fees were $ 50. True some criminals, if you want proof of the emails I can give you the slip besides the graphic, if you want to get ripped, Hire it

    • In response to the post of Max (December 17, 2012 at 10:49 pm)

      As an open and transparent true STP broker, we find it necessary to respond with an in depth and precise account to the negative post of the client traderobispo.

      Firstly, we would like to point out to all readers that 99% of the posts about Yadix on this and other forums are positive and in keeping with our honesty and transparent business ethics.

      We would like to address the time, date and market action on the orders in question. The client was trading USDJPY on the 07/12/2012 at 13.30 GMT, exactly the time of the non farm data release. This particular release caused a sudden bullish formation where the price spiked from 82.281 to 82.828 a rise of 0.547 (54.7 pips) within 3 minutes (the largest increase was .295 pips at 13.30 GMT), during this pattern, there were 519 ticks within three minutes, this is an unusually high amount of price movements over a three minute time period. We can also confirm that the client did not have any stop loss or take profit positions on the orders that were quoted when in communication with the Yadix support team. The issue in question was fully investigated and an honest and decisive reply was sent to the client.

      As true STP broker, we do not operate any dealing desks or market making activities and cannot guarantee prices during news or times of high volatility. However, we do offer superior order execution and extremely low spreads (as can be seen with a live feed on the Yadix website), this means that Yadix does not make money on clients losses and always has the clients best interest in mind. Yadix has made specific efforts to educate our clients through the website and with personal communication about trading during news and the differences between a true STP broker and market making brokers as can be reviewed on the Yadix order execution page: We believe, and have explained to the client, that being a true STP broker, ensures that clients are trading with true market conditions, directly with the liquidity providers and at market execution

      The issue in question was received on the 7/12/2012 at 15.29, the Yadix technical team then reviewed the issue and a response was sent to the client at 17:08 that explained that the market movement during non farm lead to the scenario where his order was filled at the next available price (as per market execution) as the price requested had already past as per the spike of the market was in excess of 50 pips. The trades in question made a total loss of 2.8 pips ($28). The client, then proceeded with a withdrawal request on the 2012-12-11 13:44:54 . Following a further communication with the client, the client thanked our support and confirmed that he wanted to proceed with the withdrawal, which was then completed at 2012-12-11 13:46:44 (two minutes later). It is important to note that Yadix received a thank you message from the client regarding the explanation and a suggestion that he would consider returning to Yadix once his withdrawal was completed.

      As in keeping with AML procedures set internally and by regulators, we were able to refund $300 (the sum of the original deposit) back to the credit card of the client, and the remaining $60 profit was sent via the withdrawal method as chosen by the client, in this case wire transfer. As a transparent and honest broker, we publish within our personal client area, very clearly that there is a $50 fee for wire transfer withdrawals, naturally, the Yadix Accounts Department proceeded as per the instructions of the client. Yadix is extremely proud of the fact that no fees are charged on deposits or withdrawals other than the fee for wire transfer withdrawals that are used to cover the costs charged by banks and intermediary banks.

      Since the withdrawal was processed, the employee responsible for the client has since sent communication in an effort to ensure that funds were received, everything was fully understood and to pass on wishes regardless of whether the client chooses to trade with Yadix again in the future, unfortunately, no response was received which we find strange seeing as the communication was indeed courteous and professional up to this point. We presume that the client is used to trading with a market making broker and fails to understand the differences, whether positive or negative, between a true STP broker and a market making broker. We are also confident that the client is in fact not clear 100% (based on the fact that the client claims he was slipped 80 pips, which in impossible as is clear to see in the attachments) in regards to the situation in question as there is a language barrier that we have tried to overcome.

      At Yadix, we understand that as a true STP broker, we will never be able to satisfy all traders, however, we are dedicated and committed to continue open, honest and decisive communication with all clients. In Mr. Traderobispo’s case we would be willing to look into whether the client is entitled to receive any bonuses (or part of) or cash rebate (up to $10) that Yadix offers clients, or finalise an amicable end to this scenario with an effort to help the client with a better understanding of the market conditions and reaction to his trade is quite normal on the STP forex trading model. However, it’s most important for the management team to ensure that the client leaves us with a positive feeling as he moves on in his forex trading.

      Education, transparency and ethical business practices are employed by Yadix and we welcome any questions from our clients. As in this case, even the most trivial issues/questions are thoroughly investigated and our clients receive a clear and decisive answer regarding their questions. For further clarifications regarding this issue, please feel free to contact Yadix on

  19. have been trading here for several months now. Trade execution at Yadix is the best I’ve seen…and they really have no issue with scalping (no minimum limits on scalp, sl or Tp). I’ve run my scalping ea on several Mms and they banned me after a few days, Yadix really give us a chance to trade without limitation

  20. The execution here is really very fast and stable. The setup for ea traders is also good. I have agressive scalp ea and no issues at all, very little slippage which is great.

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