Forex Brokers Offer Segregated accounts

Below you can find the list of Forex brokers who offer Segregated accounts for clients. Segregated account is a dedicated account that will keep clients funds in Segregated account, separate from the company ("broker") funds.

By open Segregated account, your money will be safe as the broker will unable to access your funds. In case the broker goes bankrupt, client's funds will be treated based on the laws and regulation of the country that broker operate and hold client's accounts.

In most instances, the amount of money required to open Segregated account is larger than the amount needed to establish normal account. Different brokers may have different requirements.

Few Regulatory Bodies required brokers open Segregated account for client's funds, FCA UK is an example.

Do you broker offer segregated account? Are you satisfied with its services? Share your experience and let other traders know.

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