DMA/STP Forex brokers

DMA - "Direct Market Access", STP - "Straight Through Processing"

DMA/STP brokers act as counterparty and transfer client's order to the liquidity providers (market execution), as DMA/STP brokers have good numbers of liquidity providers the orders will be filled at the best available prices.

  • The good: no re-quote.
  • The bad: The market is always moving so the filled prices may not the same as what displayed on trading platform.

How DMA/STP brokers make money?

  • The broker will fill your orders at the best market available prices but the price you actually get is something higher, the broker will add small mark-up to the actual price, it's their profits.
  • Unlike ECN brokers, DMA brokers do not charge commission on your order.

XD Markets reviews

XD Markets reviews XD Markets Discussion

XD Markets Forex Broker 



  • Founded: 2012
  • Company: X Direct Markets Ltd
  • Headquarters: Zalgirio Verslo Centras, Zalgirio Gatve 88, Centre of Europe, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Regulation: Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania (license # Nr.303086977)

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