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  1. IBCFX are scammers. They simply never pay. Every withdrawal request is refused without providing any kind of reason, then simply disappear! Here a list of person to avoid in IBCFX:
    Angelo Costa
    Andrea Toti
    Marco Rossi
    Alessandro Rocca
    Probably these name are false, but stay aways from this scammers.
    IBCFX is not regulated at all! They’ll keep your money, your profit, everything. This in my experience, but unfortunately I’m not the only one, I’d only like to be the last one.

    • i have same issue with arabic department!!
      my account no. 20022

      they refuse to pay me my profits till now.

      returned my first payment only, and first profit withdraw 2750$ is lost since 1 month (it didn’t deposit in my account).
      and still i have remaining in my account 7426.09$ they are refusing to approve any withdraw on it for no reason.


      • I finally got all my money, but after 2 months battling, threatening… So it’s possible ! Send them many many email as much as possible, at all mail adresses you have from ibcfx.
        Good luck to all, it’s a bad broker, but you can have back your money !

        • I’m very curious, and ‘the first time I read that someone had the money back from IBCFX. I’m trying … over 60 requests and innumerable email … and nothing

  2. Hi to all.
    to be honest, I think you exaggerate. At the end I got my money. Profit and everything. In fact I even invested again with them and until now nothing wrong happened.
    I personally always traded by my own so I can’t say about the fund managers they have. The only think is that the withdrawal was made a week later. But I don’t really care.

    I looked at the regulation issue and I found out that they are in fact fully regulated by the NZ regulation. check:

    I’m not sure they are the same as IHforex, and personally didn’t have any experience with ihforex but I really got a good impression with IBCFX. Plus the owner of the company seams to be Mr. Peter Brendon WYLLIE.

    Note: Post received from Confirmed proxy server.

  3. Hi Alex.
    Just close your positions and then try to withdraw money, and then you will see if you succeed… For me, always refused !
    Look at this link of Financial Market Authority of New Zealand for IBC Capital Limited :,-alerts-and-scams/names-of-firms-and-individuals-to-be-wary-of
    If you want the history of this society, look at this :
    IBCFX was IHForex… Bad news for all of us !

  4. Well, I’m very worried about all those review because I deposited 18,000 EUR with them.
    For the moment I have opened 3 Positions that are in profit. I’m about 26,000 Eur now.

    I was thinking to withdraw the profits, but hearing your reviews I will ask for the entire amount!

    Thanks for the help.

    BTW, what’s wrong with New Zeland regulation? I heard they are ok: not FSA, but ok…

    • Hi Alex : Its a pity the situation you have with this people of IBCFX . You were asking what´s wrong with NZ regulation. ?
      Nothing is wrong !!! These people are NOT regulated at all. they have been de- registered form the FSP register as you may read on the website. they are also banned by the FMA .
      the are simply telling lies on their website telling that they are regulated.
      In the same way there are companies telling they are FCA/FSA regulated and…they are not !!! There is nothing wrong with the FSA/FCA . The criminals are just that…criminals . They are doing “their job” …
      I´m telling you this because my company is a FSP NZ´s Registered brokerage since some time ago. It has not been easy to achieve. We are very proud about our NZ ´Registration and the opinion of our clients in more than 14 countries right now .
      For us, and for me as the CEO, its a pity to see these kind of situations happening.
      I hope you will recover your money back. By the way if you are a successful trader and capable to make consistent profits you may participate in our Synergy Trading Project .We are looking for the best people all around to trade our Portfolios. Feel free if you want to contact me on Skype : smfxfinance .I speak English ,French and Spanish. Have a nice day.

    • did you got your money !?

  5. ibcfx : I made some profits (by myself only… the manager is very bad), but then I try to withdraw my money, impossible, always refused. I try to contact them by email, chat or tel : no answer… I’m quite desperate to loose all my money. Keep out of this broker !

  6. Thank you so much for your post! I have been damaged by IHForex and I was going to fall again in their trap!! They have changed their name, They they were a criminal broker which had disappeared with a lot od money of theirs clients. I have had the proof that they were IHF because the promoter which has called me told to me that they already knew me.. how? because they were IHF!! They have contacted me for opening a new account promising great gains but I have rejected. They don’t have any regulamentation except of New Zeland. Keep away from them!

  7. J’ai un compte réel de trading chez ibcfx
    Après 1 mois d’usage, 31000 US de dépôt, une gestion entièrement conseillée,
    le capital est devenu 15000 US, la perte en trading 7000 US !!!
    3 positions sur 4 sont perdantes et toute justification est inexistante; pas d’objectif – si 35% de profit par mois!!-
    pas de money management
    en somme, une gestion qui conduit à la ruine, TRES DANGEREUSE,
    On se croirait à la loterie !

  8. i have open an account with them and i am very worried , they give you trade by so call expert trader, and it blow s your account in 2 days i am 4000 down in a week, and position open are very bad, so i am worried that they are no good

  9. Really unprofessional broker, I think it’s just guys who want to get rich overnight there! I checked out their site and features, mostly copy from other sites, change name, etc. Sometime they even forget to change the name!

    Funny example:

    “In case of withdrawal without completing all lots, and uncompleted lots remain on the account, the withdrawal will be processed and iHForex will deduct $1000.”

    All copied from iHForex ~LOL

    • IHForex has enough bad reputation and they decide to follow it! Wondering if it’s the same owner as IHForex?

      Really questionable and should stay away!

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