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  1. Good broker been with them for a couple of months! Deposits and withdraws all made it back into my accounts have had no issues! Great broker!

  2. I have a small trading account with them since last one year and i also have invested some small funds in their PAMM as well. I was thinking to avail their bonuses too but couldn’t tried it as yet because with my own equity and available margin i am good enough to make extra income through trading. The platform is easy to execute order however small slippage can be noticed during NFP news time but that’s ok. Withdrawals are processed without any delays so i recommend them as safe broker to trade.

  3. I am trading PAMM with this broker for 2 months and the support was very dedicated in solving my PAMM questions. I invested $500 to a new but good performance account and the profit grew so well.

  4. Very good and fast broker, proper order execution, like their STP technology. They don’t reveal their LPs but it’s okay I’m satisfied with feed and trading conditions, but they really need to improve is language support (other languages not so professional as English). In other aspects I’m quite contented with work with them.

  5. as far as micro accounts, the account is pretty good, I trade a 1:300 leverage even if the broker offers 1:1000 i think its a bit too much for me, withdrawal is pretty good, the internal transfer between account in wallet can be confusing (or maybe its only me) but once u get the hang of it i think its pretty handy. trading is smooth with good execution time. im happy with my trading, will keep tabs as soon as i upgrade to premium i hope it remains the same.

  6. I’ve been involved in transactions in Hotforex long, first time things are good deals, but to date is 04/03/2015 Non-Farm Day win but I’ve traded companies have voluntarily removed Hotforex delivery report my service and send mail notification due to software bugs. After I reviewed and gave evidence that my transaction completely transparent and the company sent a letter asking for compensation amount for me but today 22/06/2015, the company has replied irresponsible, I think the company has deliberately misappropriating the money that I win the day 04/03/2015 transaction but I do not know how to denounce Hotforex and reclaim my rights.

    I want to send to all transactions with Hotforex trader will need to review the transparency of the transaction and I want to denounce Hotforex appropriates about the transaction amount, I have sent my application to the Office What can help me, because I was in Viet Nam so far can not be directly to the company to complain so everyone please help me and all the evidence I’ve collected sufficient to demonstrate actions companies Hotforex is arbitrarily usurp my money when trading.

  7. I have not encountered any issues so far i have been trading for 5 months with 2 withdrawal submitted, a couple of trades a week, surprisingly i find them pretty convenient but i remain cautious. good broker.

  8. I Like what im seeing with hotforex, compared to my previous broker which I wont mention. the execution is way faster although there are times that news trading seems to be harder than what It looks like. few slippage which is deemed normal, I trade the UK market and over all Im pleased with the results.

  9. I started trading with hotforex from 2012 and through my experience with this broker, it is quite a good and decent broker. I have tried their demo platform in several months before proceeding to a premium account. The spreads are good at majors but just acceptable with exotic ones. They have a program that allow you to trade on multiple account at the same time. Withdrawals are fast and usually processed within 24 hrs but there was a little inconvenient in the past that you have to fill a withdrawal form to withdraw your fund, but now you can withdraw automatically.

  10. good execution, quick reply from support both live chat and email, instant withdrawals, usually with in24 hours which I find good. if only they could have more offices in asia. the free webinars is an added plus.

  11. Small deposit ($50) and there are multiple assets to trade. MT4 platform is quite good but the demo account would be expired in few months if no trades. Withdrawal is fast and also support multiple languages. This broker is quite good in many aspects.

  12. quick response from support, and good service by representative. the broker offers good services and attend to all inquiries i had. highly recommeded

  13. This is a good broker, in terms of platform stability and service they do excel. Spreads are fair on major pair but i do notice some widening, I dont trade exotics. no problem with withdrawal processes, im yet to try their webinars,

  14. I tried some international brokers before coming to hotforex this March. Spreads are very good with no commissions. Money transfer fast via WebMoney, and my deposit is instant. Furthermore, my EA is running well on its platform. Good broker!

  15. I would like to thank the support who assisted me, im sorry if i did not get your name, the broker is professional in dealing with its clients, a very good broker. as far as trading is concerned the platform is stable, execution speed is good, there is still room for improvement.

  16. It is time to move on their premium account, by the account of my trading performance and consulting with their manager, trading with bigger lots and getting constant assistance of HF personal assistant I can make a leap to more gains from trades. I was trading only a year on their MIcro account and surely tell readers there that it worth to deposit and gamble market with substancial amounts of money. Glad that I came across with them once time..

  17. I`m very pleased with Hotforex Service, Withdrawal is always on time.

  18. After much consideration, tried on demo for several months and read feedbacks, I have opened a premium account with this broker. And here is my review:

    – As other well-known brokers, their verification process is fast and you get your bonus after depositing instantly.
    – Their live server is fast executed than demo a lot and their spread in EU pair always < 1.5 and < 2 with GU pair . Their spread on gold is not good as major pair but acceptable.
    – Rarely requote, especially during news release.
    – Quick customer helping.
    – Not support MT5 but I prefered trading on MT4.

    Overall, it's a good STP broker.

  19. This is my second international broker I knew via a local forex forum, there are a lot of type of account vary from min size to spread for you to choose. And it also offers free TA signals for trader. My EA runs well on its platform and I see it better than my first broker a lot.

  20. I have a mid sized account on premium, the spreads are low execution is stable and fast, no issues with money transactions or transfers from account to ewallet. so far i am quiet happy with the results, its not perfect but the distractions is at minimal in my opinion which makes them very competitive.

  21. Stable platform and reasonable spreads. Trades is looking well but I still need adaptation to new broker. Had some confusion with web cabinet but problem was quickly resolved. Would like to complain but nothing to bring up.

  22. Easy to deal with broker with vast of trading options. Decent spread even on micro accounts, hassle-free withdrawal and mindful support. Still no problems trading with them.

  23. Decent broker, good platform and execution, response time it acceptable. I do not use bonuses so its hard to comment about it. Hotforex is a decent broker, I can’t talk on behalf of everyone but based on my personal exp I can safely rate them 8.5/10 since I have only been dealing with them for 3 months.

  24. This broker is good for trading, that support numerous currencies and commodities, I have traded on E/U and G/U, and the spread was a little bit lower than other brokers. Fast execution, quick responsive,…

    • Vin DiCator (@VINDICATORofYah)

      SNOTForex sabotages trades and uses the Virtual Dealer Plugin to trade against you.

      Beware. Curse and boycott these devils. Thieves.

  25. I have a small 4 digit account with them (premium), I have been trading it live for the past 3 months, I have grown my account about 34%% up to date with position trading and few scalps, all these are done manually, I have only made one urgent withdrawal and it came through just fine. i like the results and i am glad to have registered with them.

  26. After trying with this broker over 7 months, I found out its trading environtment is very good. It’s offering low spread in EU and offer various kind of account. I still need much more time to check its quality. But firstly I think it’s a prestigious broker.

  27. I’m trading with them now for around 2 years, with success 🙂 There were of course some problems and server blackouts during that time but they reimbursed the lost money that was caused due to downtime. I would choose them again.

    And I’m also using [link moderated] for getting a piece of the spread back on every trade, great service 🙂

  28. I decide to trade with hotforex after hearing about some good feedbacks from traders I know personally, I decided to transfer with them 2 months ago, so far I am trading a premium account on a 1:300 leverage, no bonuses acquired. Execution is very stable, I scalp the NY session, suitable for scalping the M15 and M30, but I do swings mostly, I only made one withdrawal and it was within the given frame, I have no complaints what so ever.


    Nick A

  29. Thank you TradeZone and Octane for posting your facts here.

    I would like to be part of this lawsuit Octane. Contact me through

    Continue to expose the bound-for-Hell bucket shop thieves like STINKForex ( and SNOTForex (HotForex)!!

  30. Yeah i ve experience with them. All good review about them is lies. its vote by their own representative. Im filling in the progress filling a lawsuit against them. Dont trust good review about them, they vote themselves. Stay away. Be warned.

  31. This are mauritius based company, beware people…hotforex are known for manipulating trade even close your acc. Scammed alot of people already. FSC is not like cftc or others. They are not strict regulating laws. Beware. Scam alert!

  32. These bucket shop liars, thieves and beasts will lure you with their 50-100% BONUS Schemes: they are nothing more than bait for the unsuspecting. I have read that they are NOT licensed with the FSC in Mauritius as they falsely state. Furthermore, the FSC don’t even reply to emails sent to file a complaint against SNOTForex!!

    I traded very successfully through SNOTForex for a few days, increasing my account from under 9000 EUR (including their Bonus Scheme) to over 42,000 EUR. THat’s when the sabotage began. It ended with them breaking their 20% margin stop out safety terms and STEALING THE ENTIRE AMOUNT.


    I also read that another man had $200,000 stolen by them.


  33. really good broker, I swing trade and so far everything goes according to plan. execution is good withdrawals are fast compared to other brokers. I really like them.

  34. A very honest broker, I like trading with them and they are easy to deal with, no problems what so ever and it makes earning extra easy.

  35. I joined hotforex only two months ago. This broker seems more professional than my previous one. I cannot say anything about withdrawals because I haven’t tried to withdraw my money yet, but I could deposit without any delays. If to speak about trading conditions, I can say that spreads are good, execution is fast. And I like that they have got competitions with good prizes and I have got that info that they got listed by Gbot and they are among the top 21 brokers in the world, I dont really know about this but its really great if it turned out to be true.

  36. I have not seen any problem with hotforex since I started trading with them, everything seems to work just fine in addition they recently started to promote their new products heavily and its all good for me and also newbies every body can make some extra money and trade with it thanks to their demo contest, referral program and bullseye prediction competition ! this summer is really hot with hotforex, I at the end want to let everyone know that their customer support is respectable and so friendly.

  37. Quick and helpful customer service but they prefer call me rather than live chat and that is what I don’t like. Anyway, I feel comfortable when trading with them.

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