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  1. Hi,
    before opening any live account I just pre-check the broker. I sent 5/6 email address which are mentioned in their website and all the mail are bounced back (those are fake I guess). I called their number several times and no one responded. So I thought it will not be a good idea to invest in it cause I found lack of professionalism and I was not sure whether it is a scam broker or not. I tried calling their on May 2013.

    Now I feel that I took the right decision as many people are claiming here that this is a scam broker. One suggestion, before putting money into any broker, please pre-check and be sure they are prfessional enough to support you.


  2. My name is Peter Szabo from Hungary, and I would like to tell a story about the FXVV Capial Markets Ltd. (Registered in New Zealand, address;Office No.3, 556 Cameron Road, Bay of Plenty, Taurangga 3112, New Zealand)

    I opened an account in the FXVV Capital Markets LTD. this year, at the end of may. I sent 7000USD to my trading account via bank wire and before I open my 1st position I read again the terms and conditions and I saw, that If I win, FXVV does not pay out the profit before I haven’t trade 350 standard lots. I’ts too mutch to trade, so I haven’t opened position(s) and I wanted all my money back without trading. I sent a withdrawal request to the firm and waited. They (the FXVV) haven’t processed the withdrawal request more than 10 business days. I sent a letter about this case and we wanted to know what is the problem. They said nothing, no answers, no phone call, no live chat. I wrote a letter again and I said if they are not responding, I will go to the police to sue them, and I will go to the internet, and I will write down our case in lot of forums like forexfactory, forexpeacearmy and so an. 3 hours later I got a mail, that they said :” yes we send the money back to your bank account”. This was 15 business day ago, but the money is not in my bank account, and not on the trading account either.
    I think 15 business day is enough for the money to arrive IF they said the true.
    5 day ago I ask for a swift monitoring riport from the FXVV, because I want to see, that they are saying the true (they can proof with this, that the money is travelling now), but they have not sent it to me.
    I’m not newbie in forex and I think this firm is a scam broker.
    So this is the story, and now it’s high time to us to do something.
    Firstly I sent this story to the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, because I hope they can help me.
    Secondly I wrote down this story about my case, beacause I think if we ( all the aggrived parties) make a group we can do something.

    So, if you have any problem with FXVV, withdrawal or something, please send me a mail to my address and join me, together we can do something.
    I want to find a lot of aggrieved people and let’s wind up this scam broker!

    Best Regards; Peter Szabo


  3. Before considering opening accounts with FXVV, do a quick search on this company.or take a look on [link moderated]. Look at how they treat their trading clients – cant get any more unethical than FXVV.

  4. The leverage is the killer here. There are hardly some other brokers that allows leverage as upto 2000:1, also the minimum amount of investment is also very low and can be very convenient for the newbie traders.

    But what the negative point about them is that their support is system is not that commendable. I sent support ticket quite a long ago and got reply after 1 week or so which is really annoying for me.

    • Ashish – the excessive leverage is intended for beginners to lose since FXVV is trading against you and not as the ECN STP that they claimed they are. Try winning and see if you can get your winnings.

  5. I want to apologize for all the badmouthing about FXVV, they are revising my case now and allow me to withdraw my money.

  6. Following the situation, after 1 week they removed all of my profit without any explanation, and also not letting me to withdraw the initial deposit.
    The costumer support is unable to help in any cases and the financial departement is unreachable.
    I recommend anyone who is trading with FXVV to take your money out before you get scammed. You are their best friend until you start to earn money, after they ignore you on chat and phone.

  7. This is bullshit….they didn’t pay my profit, no official reference just a gypsy at chat repeat all time you are cheated…pfff.

  8. In my opinion the FXVV is a tricking company, because they do not enable to trade on your account when you have a profit. I have the same problem like Miklos, I can`t close my position or to open an another one, they said this problem appears only to me, and they can`t solve my problem, they can`t find any solution.
    Steer clear of FXVV!!!!!!!!!

  9. Be aware, i opened a position and when i tried to close it i lost control over my account (i couldn’t open or close any position or set limit and stop orders), they said it’s my problem and did nothing to help me.
    I requested a close on my position via e-mail (no reaction from their side). The only reply was that i can take out my initial deposit and they will close my account, but i will lose all my profit gained. This happened 1 day ago they said it’s my personal problem only and my position is still open.

  10. Dear Atta,

    You never be a part of our partnership as we never work with cheater. We never deal with cheater and we never deal with IB who cheat his customer and loss all his customer money. We never deal with such IB as you never fullfill your promises. Take care your customer before asking your commission and salary. We pay your salary few months evern you not bring us any customer and deposit. Be smart, stay safe.




  11. Scam Scam Scam Away from when i make resign from this company as my clients was not happy due to not paid on time so after my resign they steal my money $1300 even my profit share plus trade commission i am scared this company can run away as not registered and not regulated…….

  12. Such the best broker that i have traded with. Fast execution and excellent customer support all the time. i certainly recomend this broker for everyone to trade with.

  13. I am from the US and this offshore forex broker always have something ne up their sleeves. Like last year, they offer 100% bonus and raw spread. Now they’re bringing back the two promotions as one. Check them out.

  14. Till now, i don’t experienced any major problem with them. The Leverage is high enough, Minimum deposit is also good. Spreads are also very tight and that’s completable with the other brokers. The Promotions are going on with the pace and that must be the reason they are getting vastly popular in quick time.

    What i don’t like is their Website. The website is too slow and it takes more than 30 Seconds for me to load. Also support is not that good, i sent them an email stating about the free deposit bonus, and till now after a month i am still waiting for them to reply. I think they should make their support system little bit sensitive than what they have now.

  15. FXVV Capital Markets Ltd
    This is a pretty new broker that has just launched last year. What I like about this broker is their first of all is their website. Their website is clean and very functional. Their minimum deposit of $1 is also an advantage because almost everybody can start trading with only $1 although you cannot do much about your $1 really. This is also one of the few websites that allows US traders. This means that if you join their affiliate programs, you are free to recruit US traders.
    What I don’t like about this broker is their very high leverage. I think that makes traders commit too much that if they lose, they will be in too much debt with the broker. Another thing, they are currently supports MT4 platform and I do not see any implications or interest to develop MT5 which we know will be the future of forex. The very last thing would be that this has a very low popularity and it makes it susceptible to bankruptcy.
    Overall, this broker is still young and needs to prove that their services belong to the trusted brokers. I have roamed around trader’s communities and I have never really seen a group of traders that have expressed satisfaction about this broker’s services.

  16. i was able to find this broker and created an account with them..Every month new offers and bonus this broker is offering,i even had a bonus when i use their bank transfer methods. This FXVV gave me a sense of no worries at all!that is why i recommend this broker to every traders!

    • wow people!…. FXVV is the real deal to trade with all the methods are great to use. every deposit i made give me more additional money and dont forget their fast executions… wonder this broker gets the new comer of the year in the middle east!.great job FXVV, glad to have you as my broker!:)

  17. Hi FXVV With 100’s of different Forex Brokers operating throughout the world, Im at ease with you guys, deposit and withdrawal is instant .All your promotions is worth it. Just keep it up.

  18. I’ve opened account with them 5 months ago. They always have something new for everyone. Be it new promotions, new deposit bonus and great new services. I also heard from my account manager that binary option will be added as one of their services before the year ends. Another great service that i look forward to.

  19. Hi..admin, please update for FXVV that now we Accept US Client, No trading commission, Leverage now 1:2000, and we accept deposit and withdrawal by PerfectMoney and LiqPay.

    thank you

  20. Fxvv has some serious problem now a days! I was in a live trade last week & their server went down off for 15 mins!!! I was really shocked as my money was online!
    This experience was really disgusting , later I tried to contact support. They need to improve more!
    Down server problem is too much serious issue! they must resolve it!

  21. I have a good & bad experience with this broker. Trading terminal is normal and ok but when you try to trade live accounts, you might feel a bad experience! often whenever I try to place a live order, spreads automatically gets doubled or quad times and I went down a lot of pips at starting and finally I lost trades due to this matter.
    For example, gold spread normally 44-52 which is quite ok but when I try to place an live order, it goes 200 & more often I lost trade due to this this!
    I think they must think of this issue and solve it otherwise no one will be interested to throw their money away to market! total mess!!

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