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  1. Of course, it’s difficult to trust broker for 100%, but I can say that I didn’t have any problems with Freshforex for all our cooperation. I use ECN-account with zero spread, no requotes and low commissions. And I can say thanks to their Customer Support service. All their specialists are well qualified, they answered all my questions. Also they offer many useful services: Push- notifications, trading signals… And by the way this Support was recognized as the best one.

  2. I’ve been trading on forex market for a long time, so I tried many brokers. But now I am working with this one, because it allows news trading and robots. And I can say that this company really doesn’t put sand into machine. I like it.

  3. Personally I use a Classic account. I prefer scalping and a short-term trading in general. I set a lot of trades, but small amount of pips. My extra income is bonus which retuns a part of spread. For this trading strategy it is quite a significant amount of money. My profit for July was $457, rebates were $39.

  4. Good broker. I have used change your broker bonus 50%. And it’s really withdrawable and take part in drawdown. This bonus is nice addition to my deposit and I’ve already earned some money using it.

  5. I’ve been trading with Freshforex for as long as 2 years. I cannot complaint about this broker. The company fulfills its duties well. Very good execution of orders distinguishes this broker among others. Even when I can not set an order with other platforms, I always can do that on their platform. All that I earn I can immediately withdraw. To me, Freshforex is one of the best brokers in the Forex market.

  6. Again, Freshforex offers a new promotion “War of traders.” It is cool to participate in it! But you shall comply with 4 clauses to get the bonus. However, if you draw tight, it is possible to win from 1,000 to 10,000 dollars. As they say, on war you are on war.

  7. I am trading on Classic account of Freshforex. There is a chance to use about 90 contacts, leverage is up to 1:1000, min order is from 0.01. It seems to be a very comfortable account for beginners. I’ve already withdrew my first profit. It was done so fast that in 20 minutes I already have money on my card.

  8. With Freshforex you can trade even if you are not a professional trader. I’m a newbie and find all of its conditions convinient, simple and transparent. All that I earned I’ve withdrawed on a card. Nobody called and urged not to withdraw, everything was honest.

  9. I was inspired by the bonus on deposit for changing the broker so I did it! Then I also brought a friend and got another bonus! And what is more I can use this money for trading and while drawdown. I can say more – this broker never interrupted my trading and I have good execution all the time, except some little periods, which happen in forex as usual. So I recommend this broker to my friends and to you too. I can give a screenshot if needed.

  10. I never wrote a review, but now a muse visited me and decided to do it. So, freshforex is a very good broker company and proofed it to me several times. I deposit and withdrawal sometimes for more than $1000 and everything is OK! I can trade here using my scalping adviser and it’s not forbidden. I find it very clever and good for usual traders like me. Thank you for good job!

  11. I would recommend FreshForex company. I’ve been trading with it for a year, and I don’t have any doubts. If I have some troubles, Support service always helps me immediately. You can earn money with Forex market, but don’t be a fanatic. Only patient and learning will give you good result.

  12. I am using their reviews in my morning analysis of course as an addition. It really improved my own analysis. I really think that trading benefits from that. I’d recommend their materials.

  13. I’ve been working with Freshforex for 2 months and have only positive experience. They processed my withfrawal application for $2000 within half an hour and without questions, calls and so on. So I continue to work with them and recommend this broker to everyone.

  14. With this broker I’ve begun to make profit more stable. I mean I don’t have loss on monthly results, but, of course, the result is not the same every time. I use a simple classic account with rebates on spread. Top up and withdraw using a Skrill account, which is attached with my card.

  15. I’ve started my trading history with scalping and have been doing scalping till now. So I’ve chosen Market Professional account with Freshforex which ensures a proper execution of orders on scalping. An an important fact is that they send trades to the interbank, so I trust them more.

  16. I a periodic trader, not very professional, just occasionally trades under the case. I did not get the brokers nuances, have some bad experience, so come to the Fresh. Here soon as a year, and I find that all is high quality. So I was pleasantly surprised by the introduction of ECN accounts, but it seemed that there is nothing to improve.

  17. A friend of mine recommended this broker to me because of their low spreads. It was true and I opened an ecn account with $3000. Now I have $5000 and made a withdrawal of $2000 today. The operation was proceeded in 10!!! minutes. That’s very important for me to have high speed of deposit and withdrawal operation, so I’m glad to recommend this broker too.

  18. I get emails from fresh forex express. There is some interesting news there. I also have two account in this company – classic with rebate bonus and ecn. The trading is rather easy and fast and I never had troubles with the executuon or withdrawal. That likes me.

  19. I used my deposit for scalping here and was very surpriesed as I got more money as by the other broker I trade at. That’s coz the speed. Here my order is closed in less than a half of second and I can earn more money!

  20. My best emotions were when I got the bonus 101%! It’s realy pleasant to get such plus to you deposit and to use it while trading.

  21. I am pleased that Freshforeks many ways to deposit and withdraw money thing. Extra option never hurts. And if we bear in mind that the conclusion itself is fast enough, then there is only one problem, carefully work on trade to ensure profit for output.

  22. I am a beginner and tried many promos they offer: rebate which is added each Saturday, tried protection against stop out. I am satisfied with the choice of trading instruments. Btw they pay rebate for all of them

  23. I started here in 2012. opened classic account but soon I added Market pro account with floating spreads. Each account has its own pluses so I m not going to refuse from any of them. Just trading on them using various strategies. Fully satisfied with this broker.

  24. my review is positive. I’ve been trading here for a long time. First started from Classic, then moved to Market Pro. Orders fly here and almost no requotes. I earn well. Once a month I withdraw my profit and satisfied that found this company.

  25. I’m quite new to forex. Therefore chose them. Here I have insurance of deposit against loss. I have not lost though so did not figure out how it works. But I see how execution goes here. No requotes and weird slippage. If I have questions, support always helps.

  26. Nice broker, deposit takes no fee (unlike many other brokers)

    I liked design of website too

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