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Recent content by Kazumu Fukunaga

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    Forex trading is a challenge

    Trading out of emotion isn't good. The majority of us fall into the trap of emotional states. In trading, it is important to be logical and thorough.
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    What amount of leverage do you guys use most of the time?

    The good trader is definitely in demand, but it's not simple to become a good trader. It requires a lot of time and effort to master the trader's art.
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    Forex trading is a work of professional

    Forex is a business to me. Forex is a business just like any other business. Forex is an impulse business. Forex business is risky because of this. This business can be a huge success if you are able to manage your risk and control your impulses.
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    how to avoid the losse in forex??

    For trading, money management is crucial. This helps us minimize our risk. It's impossible to survive on the market without money management.
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    A trader's trading journey

    The best brokers are licensed and regulated. Do your research before you choose a broker. Compare the options that meet your needs.
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    Forex trading is not easy?

    It is difficult to acquire knowledge and become skilled. It takes time to become skilled. Most people don't want to spend the time necessary to learn. They can waste their time.
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    New Forex trader

    High leverage can be dangerous. Every trader must have a risk management program. He won't be allowed to remain in the market.
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    Attachment is emotions

    Emotions will always be there. There is a difference between responding to emotions and reacting to them. We should influence our emotions, i.e. fear, greed, and anger.
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    Quiting a job for forex. Is it okay?

    Your skills are directly related to how much you earn in forex trading. Your earning potential will increase if you are able to trade forex for 100$ per year. It is not a good idea to expect anything beyond your abilities. Trading becomes gambling.
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    Timing your trade

    For trading to be successful, consistency is key. Random winning trades are not the way to success. Trading is all about consistency.
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    How to learn Forex ?

    Although many traders are making a lot of money trading, the actual numbers are not known. Most traders who are successful don't tell their stories in public, which is understandable.
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    Fx beginners

    Every newbie should practice and learn. Without skills, forex trading is impossible. It doesn't matter how long you trade forex. Success is all about skills and experience.
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    Is forex like a gambling game?

    Learning never ends. It is a never-ending process. The market is constantly changing. You must keep learning and improving your skills to cope.
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    What are the Basic requirment for to be started in forex

    If you are interested in learning about the movement of the market, watching it can be a good idea. Newbies often make unnecessary trades when they watch the market.
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    what is the best source of learning Forex- online or offline training?

    You can find many free resources to learn forex. You can even download a good forex book for free from various websites. All you need to do is search Google.