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    Agreed. Every type of market has its own risks. But if people worry about the risks, they shouldn't be in the market in the first place...
  • J
    There is no doubt in the fact that forex trading is risky which makes many traders vulnerable to losses. The only way to surpass the...
  • Lirunex Broker
    Lirunex Broker replied to the thread Lirunex.com.
    Lirunex New Deposit Bonus 20% Support Floating Can Get Up To $6000 Trading Bonus !!!! Minimum Deposit $200 Leverage up to 1:300...
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    Randiall replied to the thread Forex is stressful.
    Yes, Forex trading can be quite stressful for me. Especially, when some long-term trade fails after working perfectly for quite some...
  • RoboForex Contest
    Dear traders! This week, the ContestFX project brings to your attention the following competitions on demo accounts: The 134th...
  • radex78
    radex78 replied to the thread Discipline in trading.
    Discipline is a simple word easy to say but difficult to implement, however in forex trading success, keeping discipline is a compulsory...
  • Stan NordFX
    CRYPTOCURRENCIES: End of the Digital Gold Rush? The BTC/USD bulls have been desperately trying to hold the line in the $30,000 zone...
  • Stan NordFX
    USD/JPY: Why the Yen Is Strengthening According to officials from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), "in general, the...
  • Stan NordFX
    Forex and Cryptocurrencies Forecast for May 23 - 27, 2022 EUR/USD: Growth of the Pair as a Result of DXY Correction The DXY dollar...
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    JimmyChoo replied to the thread Discipline in trading.
    actually right now its very difficult to make sure 20% return according to trading balance due to US election. but whatever it is we the...
  • Tom Latham
    Tom Latham replied to the thread New on the Forex.
    the new Forex trader always fall a great trouble when they try to bring good amount of profit by using high leverage.
  • T
    The trader replied to the thread Don't look for shortcuts.
    the short cut way of trading is always fall a great trouble us in any situation.
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    The trader replied to the thread Mistakes traders do.
    i think from all common mistake over confident is really worst.
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    i like to depend on Forex , because its really a royal business than others. generally we the take Forex as money making place and this...
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    Svetlana Loboda replied to the thread Mistakes traders do.
    there is no difference between demo and live , the main different its all about psychological issue , nothing without it.