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  1. scxxxr!!!!!! Be aware of any people from this compnay, especially Joshua Brown( and Eric Harbor(!

    I traded TADWUL and won more than US$5000 profit. When I want to withdraw they accuse me arbitrarily attacking their system and just remove my profit from my account.

    When I complain it to their regulator FSCL, they said they can’t help me get back money and finally deregistered them from all the authorities from New Zealand.

    I think it is hard to get back the money. I am here to urge you broadcast this information to your own country’s related website/forum, and it is better to translate to your own language.

    I am here also to recommend use ECN commpany instead of market maker company which always play trick to make you lost money, then they can win money from you. Dukascopy and IB(IB(Interactive Brokers) are a good option.

    • You make no sense. If you are a real person, state real facts.
      You recommend Dukascopy and IB, but they dont offer Tadawul.
      Were you offered a bonus and was there terms?

  2. Caesar Trade Company deliberately removes my posts on your page does not respond to my appeal.
    I traded for rules promo “$ 25 no deposit bonus Like-Us on Facebook”. The
    Be careful!!! Company is cheating by not paying profit.

    I want withdrawals profits from the trading account by bank transfer.
    Details I have written to you in the application for withdrawal.
    Please perform the request.
    Thank you.
    [13:53:23] Alexandr: I want withdraw profits from the trading account by bank transfer.
    [14:06:59] Eric Harbor: I don’t believe you can withdraw your $ 100
    [14:07:19] Eric Harbor:
    [14:12:05] Alexandr: I was told that I can withdraw profits of no more than $ 250
    [14:12:17] Eric Harbor: The rules changed since then sir
    [14:14:09] Alexandr: You are cheating the customer. Account opened by the rules.
    You’ll come away from the responsibility withdraw profit.
    [14:14:55] Eric Harbor: Im sorry you feel that way sir
    [14:15:32] Eric Harbor: But many traders like yourself are not interested in depositing real money with us
    [14:16:31] Eric Harbor: If you have further questions, you can contact
    [14:16:35] Alexandr: I opened the account to change the rules!
    [14:16:46] Eric Harbor: Please contact support
    [14:19:20] Alexandr: At first it was a no deposit bonus.
    And profit in the range $ 250 was allowed to withdraw

  3. For all traders with support issues, we now offer 24 Hours a Day, during the trading week, Live Chat on our website.

  4. Caesar Trade does not provide proper support to clients this broker is way of loss money totally scam broker.

  5. Hi Traders, I am Jeremy from Caesar Trade. I completely understand the issue of support when it comes to a trading account. I also agree with everyone here. We would like to provide the very best support that we can. Due to the popularity of the 400% account and the limited client needs of this account, we have noted in the Terms and Conditions that it is supported by email only. Has any of you written us and specifically asked for a phone call? We would call you right away, because we do believe in the highest level of service. If you need proof, just look at the execution on our platform, it’s INSTANT! This is where service in Forex should start. If anyone would like to talk to me, please send me your info to and ask for Jeremy. I will give you a call.

    Happy Trading!

  6. they claim their $400% as a famous bonus one and using it as a reason from being late or completely ignore any clients message because of too busy or else… i just thinking is that professional?? bonus is not the only thing that will attract traders, good customer support and services will play biggest impact on traders impression to that broker… they should taking this issue of good customer support seriously if not i believe many traders will curious and considering this kind of promo will turn into get scammed or something

  7. wow… they have 400% deposit bonus offer, i just wondering how it will work as i see only $25 to start trading there… i never found this great promotion offered by other brokers so many advantage to trade with 400% as capital right? hopefully they will provide live support because i think there alot if traders will curious and want to trade there

  8. I always believe that if the broker does not provide proper support to clients then it’s not worth to have attention and should be avoid at all cost. No contact information on the contact page, how can I contact them if I have problem with my account?

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