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  1. To me I think that the $2000 minimum deposit is very high here and as per this many newbie trader even the advance traders will not have the fund to deposit here.
    And some of the payment processor which they just have here look strange to me.

  2. Thank you all for your input. Indeed, Valexer and Africantrader, the reason why we have a $2000 minimum deposit is because we are looking to attract serious traders that are looking to trade for a longer time. We also offer a maximum leverage of 1:200 as we are trying to minimize the risk for our clients as we all know that the higher the leverage, the higher the risk the trader is taking.
    Valexer we do have a wide range of payment options and we are working towards increasing it.
    We have a strong presence in Asia through a very strong network of partners. Africantrader, our Introducing Broker program is very flexible, offers competitive rebates to our IBs of up to $10/ lot RT and allows our IBs to expand their network easily using our state of the art technology and 24/7 professional technical and customer support. Please contact me at daniela@blackwellglobal.com for more information and for account opening documentation or visit https://bo.blackwelltrader.com/market_link.action?ct=IB&iaid=25769635&id=5.

    Have a nice day!

  3. I think $2000 USD is a realistic amount to start trading with. If you are serious about making money, then you will not do this with a deposit of $25 USD!

    They look pretty solid, lots of regulation, MT4 and my friends in Asia tell me they are Asia’s biggest secret.

    Would like to know more about their introducing broker program.

  4. If I were to judge this broker by just seeing the details posted here, I would say that this broker is pretty serious about their business. Their minimum required deposit says it all. A $2000 minimum deposit is serious money and that only means that you have to take this broker and trading seriously. Their maximum allowed leverage supports it. That’s why they require high deposit because their leverage is pretty low.

    Actually I really have an issue about their minimum deposit. What I don’t like about this broker is that they do not support payment processors like Liberty Reserve, Payza and STP. They also do not have any contests which members could maximize.

    All in all I think that they have to improve more on being a universal broker that almost everyone could approach.

  5. I think for this minimum deposit of $ 2,000 is very big at all so those of us who do not have a big capital can not follow these brokers, in my opinion if the broker is able to lower the minimum deposit of $ 1,000 may be many who want to join in the broker because I see that the maximum leverage given only 200: 1 which can be said to be very small so that we can control that we have the financial

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