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FXCM Broker: Reviews and Specifications

FXCM Broker

FXCM Discussion     Website: www.fxcm.com ; www.fxcm.co.uk Founded: 1999 Company: Forex Capital Markets Ltd. Headquarter: 55 Water St., 50th Floor, New York, NY 10041, USA Regulation: NFA US # 0308179; FCA # 217689; ASIC, ARBN: 121934432, AFSL: 309763 (Australia); SFC CE # AIM232 (Hong Kong); ACP (Italy)

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TradeKing Forex reviews

TradeKing Forex

TradeKing Forex Discussion   + SUBMIT YOUR REVIEW   Website: www.tradeking.com/forex/ Founded: 2005 Company: TradeKing Forex, Inc. Headquarter: GAIN Capital Group. Attn: TradeKing Forex, Bedminster One, 135 Route 202/206 Suite 11, Bedminster, NJ 07921, USA Regulation: NFA (ID # 0408077)

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Land FX reviews


Land FX Reviews Land FX Discussion   + SUBMIT YOUR REVIEW   Website: www.land-fx.com Founded: 2012 Company: Land Prime Ltd. Headquarter: Plaza Level, 41 Shortland Street, Auckland, 1010, New Zealand Regulation: FSPR #FSP264385  CONTACT NOW » OPEN DEMO ACCOUNT » OPEN LIVE ACCOUNT »

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M2 Forex reviews

M2 Forex

M2 Forex Discussion   + SUBMIT YOUR REVIEW   Website: www.m2forex.com Founded: 2012 Headquarter: 28 Atlantic Ave. Boston MA, 02110, United States Regulation: NFA (#0388617) • CFTC Note: M2 Forex is an IB for Back Bay FX Services LLC

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Interactive Brokers reviews

Interactive Brokers LLC

Interactive Brokers Discussion   + SUBMIT YOUR REVIEW   Website: www.interactivebrokers.com Founded: 1977 Headquarter: Interactive Brokers LLC, One Pickwick Plaza, Greenwich, CT 06830 USA Regulation: FCA • CFTC • SEC • FINRA/SIPC • a member NYSE

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BeamFX reviews

BeamFX reviews

BeamFX Reviews BeamFX Discussion   + SUBMIT YOUR REVIEW   Website: www.beamfx.com Founded: 2009 Company: Beam Financial Group LLC Headquarter: 60 N Park Avenue, Suite 204, Rockville Centre, New York, NY 11570, United States Regulation: NFA (#0410159) • CFTC Note: BeamFX is an IB for Institutional Liquidity (ILQ).  CONTACT NOW » OPEN DEMO ACCOUNT » OPEN LIVE ACCOUNT »

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ATC Brokers reviews

ATC Brokers

ATC Brokers Discussion   + SUBMIT YOUR REVIEW   Website: www.atcbrokers.com Founded: 2005 Headquarter: Glendale Plaza 655 N. Central Ave, Suite 1450, Glendale, CA 91203 United States Regulation: NFA • CFTC

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CMS Forex Reviews

CMS Forex reviews

CMS Forex Discussion   + SUBMIT YOUR REVIEW   Website: www.cmsfx.com Founded: 1999 Headquarter: Capital Market Services (LLC), Empire State Building, 350 Fifth Avenue Suite 6400, New York, 10118, United States Regulation: FCA • NFA • CFTC

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TradeStation Reviews


TradeStation Discussion   + SUBMIT YOUR REVIEW   Website: www.tradestation.com Founded: 2001 Company: TradeStation Group, Inc. Headquarter: TradeStation Building, 8050 SW 10th Street, Suite 2000, Plantation, FL 33324, United States Regulation: NFA • FINRA • SIPC; NYSE Member

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Cobra Trading Reviews

Cobra Trading reviews

Cobra Trading Reviews  Cobra Trading Discussion   + SUBMIT YOUR REVIEW   Website: www.cobratrading.com Founded: 2005 Headquarter: Cobra Trading Inc 825 Market St # 240, Allen, TX, United States Regulation: FINRA • NFA • SIPC Note: Cobra Trading is an IB for Penson Financial Services, Inc  CONTACT NOW » OPEN DEMO ACCOUNT » OPEN LIVE ACCOUNT »

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ADM Derivatives Reviews

ADM Derivatives reviews

ADMD – ADM DerivativesADMD Discussion   + SUBMIT YOUR REVIEW   Website: www.admd.com Found: 1985 Headquarter: ADM Derivatives, 141 West Jackson 1600A, Chicago, IL 60604 United States Regulation: CFTC • NFA (#0000360) Note: ADM Derivatives is a division of ADM Investor Services  CONTACT NOW » OPEN DEMO ACCOUNT » OPEN LIVE ACCOUNT »

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Hotspot FX

Hotspot FX reviews

Hotspot FXHotspot FX Discussion   + SUBMIT YOUR REVIEW   Website: www.hotspotfx.com Found: 1995 Headquarter: 545 Washington Boulevard, Jersey City, New Jersey 07310, United States Regulation: FCA (#189090) • CFTC • NFA (#0351219)  CONTACT NOW » OPEN DEMO ACCOUNT » OPEN LIVE ACCOUNT »

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IKON Global Markets Reviews

IKON Global Markets reviews

Ikon Global Markets Inc.IKON Global Markets Discussion   + SUBMIT YOUR REVIEW   Website: www.ikongm.com Found: 1999 Headquarter: IKON Global Markets, New York Office, Wall Street Plaza, 88 Pine Street, 5th Floor, New York, NY -10005, United States Regulation: NFA • CFTC  CONTACT NOW » OPEN DEMO ACCOUNT » OPEN LIVE ACCOUNT »

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Advanced Markets reviews

Advanced Markets

Advanced Markets reviews Advanced Markets Discussion   + SUBMIT YOUR REVIEW   Website: amifx.com Founded: 2006 Headquarter: 11325 North Community House Road Suite 425 Charlotte, NC 28277, United States Regulation: ASIC (License # 438812)

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Swissquote Reviews


Swissquote Bank Discussion   + SUBMIT YOUR REVIEW   Website: www.swissquote.ch / www.swissquote.com/fx Founded: 2002 Company: Swissquote Bank Ltd Headquarter: ACM SA, 50 rue du Rhône, Geneva, 1204, Switzerland Regulation: FINMA • MFSA Note: Swissquote Bank Ltd. has acquired ACM Advanced Currency Markets AG (October 26, 2010)

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