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  1. Am from pakistan I think that services is beneficial to the pakistan people alone ,
    but lite forex has an office in my country so if I have any problem I think the best and the right thing is for me to go their office since its not too far from my resident.
    Their services has just got improve I love this broker and i will continue trade with them

  2. Lite forex is a good company i am trading in this platform. Recently they have removed the coupon feature i think they must bring it back.It was really helpful for small investors. Best thing is that Recently they have added Official Pakistani Representative. Now we can contact this respresentative in Pakistan and can deposit money through it.

  3. i heard about liteforex since 2006 ago from my friend, at that mean time not so many broker offering trading using small amount of money, liteforex is one of the forex broker that offering mini account for it clients
    as i see now liteforex grew stronger and have good reputation on their service
    but i do not like any promotions that seems to help with deposit bonus but in fact it can only raise our margin use for trading but it can not use for cover loss, seems useless right?

  4. liteforex promotional schemes are very good……….right now they are reimbursing commissions from payment system QIWI wallet and many more, apart from that i like their flexible payment systems…….

  5. i used to looking and testing brokers which offering cent account and lite forex is one of them, i don’t know liteforex today because i no longer traded there, but as long as i trade there honestly they are good in service, they supporting ecurrency as payment method which is convinience for small trader like me, they supporting my country language and have good promotion also with deposit bonus that make this broker fast wellknown for indonesian trader…spread is average and no bad experience with withdrawal process at all

  6. best thing i like bout liteforex is their quick and easy payment systems…recently they have introduced “Egopay” which makes them more versatile….

  7. I one tried their terminal, but i feel that it id good as a broker, but did not feel anything special. They also had a paid to post in forum bonus option which i participated earlier, but i was unknown of the fact that we have to invest equal amount of money as what we want to get from posting bonus for trading.

    Rather than that, i think this broker is pretty decent, though i feel there are other brokers which provides better features and smoothness.

  8. This is a good broker infact when I get into the forex scene this was the first broker which was recommend to me in the seminer which I just attended .
    Their rebate system is very good its help us minimize our lost here in the market low spread charge and support micro account for beginner.

  9. Excellent support… brokers in forex.


  11. Why don’t you join here guys…
    There are a lot of bonus and rebate in this broker. With rebate you can minimize your lost…
    I’ve became lite clients since 2008. Its good broker.. TRUST ME!!

  12. I only trade with this broker on demo account for few months, the orders is processed very fast and support is also good, so plan to open real account. Before that, I searched around and found many complains so not yet decide!

  13. I first joined liteforex a few years back and enjoyed their services and was quite happy with trading there but about a month ago I decided to deposit funds and trade. Well it has changed to the worst and I honestly have it in my never-trade list. Mt4 connection was always slow and alot of disconnections which was not from my side having high speed internet. Orders took over 1-3 minutes to execute when finally when it did I would either get an error or requote or have a big negative position which is hard to scalp. I finally quit liteforex and would never recommend it to anyone of my friends.

    In my opinion one the brokers that really should fix their problems but again for all we know if could happening intentionally.



    • Hmm….,,?!?!?!
      You got slow and worse on your metatrader4 in ranges month of january 2012. I’m pretty remember that on those range of month, Liteforex get trouble with their servers. Exactly, a lot of trader complained to the liteforex.
      Me too guys, i got same trouble BUT liteforex give policy to us. They ask us to send log file of our metatrader and be analized. Then they GIVE BACK MY FUND that lost on suck trouble …
      Liteforex is very have responsibility to their clients….
      I think, it’s So nice and very fair broker..

      Keep succes for all..

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