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FBS | $123 No Deposit Bonus

Source: FBS – $123 No Deposit Bonus.

Dates: year 2016Get $123 Bonus to your account

Available to: new clients only.

Bonus: $123 bonus, no deposit required

To get:

  • Open account “Bonus 123”, and the 123 USD bonus will be credited to you automatically;
  • Take full advantage of the 7 days while the bonus is active – trade and earn! The bonus is available without verification and contact details confirmation!

more about FBS Broker.

“Bonus 123” promotion conditions:

  1. Open account “Bonus 123”, and the 123 USD bonus will be credited to you automatically;
  2. Bonus funds are available for trading within 7 calendar days after account opening;At 00:00 on the 8th day, all open orders are closed automatically, bonus funds are deducted from the account, profit is fixed;After the bonus deactivation, “Bonus 123” account becomes a “Micro” account.Example: You got the bonus at 15:20 on April 13. Bonus will be deactivated at 00:00 on the night of April 20-21;
  3. Profit received on the bonus funds is withdrawable after the required lots are traded. Profit can be withdrawn every month in parts, in proportions according to the lots traded within the previous month. Profit available for withdrawal is calculated according to the formula: traded lots/3. Time period for lots trading is unlimited;Calculations for withdrawable profit amount are based on the orders executed
    • on the bonus account after the bonus deactivation,
    • on other client’s accounts since the moment of bonus crediting.

    Profit is automatically credited in the beginning of each calendar month to the used-to-be-bonus account. If this account is already inactive, profit available for withdrawal is credited to any other active account of the client;

  4. Within 7 days after the “Bonus 123” account opening, it is prohibited to execute any financial operations on it: deposits, withdrawals, internal transfers; the options of deposit insurance and self-rebate are not available; partner commission is not credited for trading on bonus funds;
  5. Each clients/computer/IP can open only one “Bonus 123” account. It is prohibited to work through proxies or using any IP-address modifying software;
  6. FBS reserves the right to refuse a client in bonus granting with no reasons given or without prior notification;
  7. In case any violation of the “Bonus 123” promotion rules is suspected, FBS is eligible to block the bonus account and cancel profit earned on it. FBS reserves the right to unilaterally change or cancel any of the promotion conditions or terminate their action any time.

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