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5 Reasons Women Make Great Forex Traders


Forex trading has traditionally been a very male-dominant industry. Prior to the information age, the forex market catered only to a narrow segment of society, such as professional traders, retail banks and brokers. However, the rise of online trading platforms over the past decade has had a democratizing effect on ...

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11 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Trading


Like everything else in life, becoming a successful trader requires a lot of time, practice and knowledge. Unfortunately, the path to success isn’t linear; you may fall several times and lose money before you hit your stride. Our goal is to make your path to success as straightforward as possible ...

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Bad Habits of Forex Traders


We all have our bad habits and forex traders are no exception. The only difference is that forex traders will end up losing money if they keep up with their bad habits. Many forex traders do not even know that certain things they do are ultimately bad habits. Some of ...

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Are London Traders Living the High Life?


There’s a common perception that traders and bankers in London are among the best-heeled people around. The stories of excess and multi-billion dollar bonus pools – despite regulatory crackdowns in the wake of the financial crisis – have fueled opinions that every trader in the City is living the high ...

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Vanilla Options versus Binary Options

Vanilla Options vs Binary Options

There are two types of options contracts: vanilla options and binary options. Even though both categories of options contracts have some features in common, there are some individual features that set them apart. Some of these differences are why vanilla options are preferred over binary by some traders. Trade Format ...

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Ruble Tumbles Against USD Amid Sweeping Policy Changes

US Dollar

Forex Purchases Paused as Ruble Breathes a Sigh of Relief Ever since the Bank of Russia initiated forex purchases to stabilize the currency, the ruble went into freefall. Now, for the first time since these measures were adopted the Bank of Russia temporarily halted forex purchases and the ruble bounced ...

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Russia & China Buck Pressures with End of Year Currency Swap

Money and Coin

The Russian economy took an unprecedented beating in 2014, largely due to its adventurism into the Ukraine and its annexation of the Crimean peninsula. Western sanctions, spearheaded by US and European efforts, were swiftly imposed upon Russia as punishment for its aggressive posturing. Massive capital flight and a rapid devaluation ...

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Why Forex Trading is an Ideal Home Business?


The value of each nation’s currency is constantly fluctuating in relationship to other currencies, because of the operation of comparative advantages and the concept of foreign exchange which developed as healthy measure for all nations to be economically connected back in the Bretton Woods Conference of 1945. People may not ...

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Trading Tip: Stick to your strategy

Forex Strategy

When May Sarton said, “We have to dare to be ourselves, however frightening or strange that self may prove to be”, she was definitely not referring to traders who constantly keep changing their strategy as soon as they record a loss, but her wise words can help them keep off ...

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The components of a trading plan

Trading Plan

A trading plan can be relatively simple or it can be complex. In forex, a trading plan is essential to traders as it brings routine and calm to the trading process. Using a trading plan, a trader can make better decisions, trade in a more relaxed way, and therefore be ...

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