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InstaForex - InstaForex.com

Discussion in 'Broker Discussion' started by Andy, Apr 12, 2012.

  1. Andy

    Andy Administrator Staff Member

    Official discussion thread for InstaForex at Digital Cash Palace.

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  2. I do have an account in instaforex as well as I have installed mt4 platform. And been in their forex forum which is mt5 forum. And also I get there bonuses from posting and I used it to trade it in insta. Recently, I made my first time to have withdrawal of the profit and really happy to have it and based on my observation they processed withdrawals within 24 hours. Which I have used here my Libertyreserve.

    So far, I just focus in the forum and will try to have another trading by next month. As far as I know insta can have multiple trading accounts wherein we should need to add them in one profile.
  3. Insta forex is really a nice forex broker. I signed up an account with them as a investor and very soon i will choose a good trader that i will invest inorder to get good returns. We can really see the statictis of each trader and choosing one who has been trading very well will be nice. The good thing is that we can equally start up with as low as 1dollar amount which is affordable
  4. yes they are good broker. it is good to start practicing demo account with their platform. i have installed their platform before. they have a very good reputation among brokers. and usually they are the top choice among god traders.
  5. I'm happy that I earn total of 2.75 dollars in here in just one week of trading. And now that is first day I have another 2 dollars profit in here but I did not withdraw it. I'm hoping to continue trading in here until I have earn 10 dollars. then that's the time I'm going to request payments again in here.
  6. Instaforex I think is the best broker. This broker offers many bonuses and often hold contests with prizes are fairly large. Instaforex broker regulation is also very good. support to its customers is also always available at any time and for finance, he is able to provide the best service. Instaforex is the best broker
  7. Darn. I have another good profit last thursday I have 4 dollars plus profit. But on friday USD weaken and I only have 54 cents profit left. I'm hoping that this monday I can manage to earn back two dollars or more. I have six open position in eur/usd and all is at loss right now.
  8. one thing that i like from this broker is MT5 forums that they supported, and they have sub forums for my country too so i can post easier there use my own language and earn some free money to start some trading in my account, and i am feel happy with them because they also have Web Platform Trading :D
  9. That's why instaforex right now is the most popular broker site that I know. In fact I'm active in three forex forums that is sponsored by instaforex and I do earn free bonus funds to trade and I do trade using them. I'm happy that I can earn good amount in here. The more I post the more bonuses I get to trade in instaforex.
  10. Yes, they also have the most sponsored forex forums so far. And I have been in those some forums and also active to have the bonus so I can also have good trades in insta. So far, I'm quite happy that I won in the forex contest in a ptp forum really unexpected hopefully, I'm able to have the bonus.
  11. I'm just have some concern with what I read and I think theirs some truth to that. If you have lots of funds by bonuses and you earn when you trade it your account will be deleted. I don't know if this is true or not. But I have 50 dollars right now and I have a plan to make it 1,000 dollars and even more. But I'm afraid that my effort will fail if they remove my bonus if I keep on earning.
  12. Seems it is not true. So far, I'm waiting to have the bonus in a forex contest as I will just try to have here bigger trtading capital but then don't know if when they will process it as I know they are busy and contests are not yet prioritized. So far, I'm active in most of the mt5 forum under instaforex broker. I can't think of better plan as I just wanted to small profit.
  13. I have 150 dollars in here right now thanks to mt5 and three other forums that I'm posting. Anyway I got hit by the eur/usd bearish market. I'm hoping that I can earn money in this pair and right now I'm in survival mode. I already loss 25 dollars in term of value as of today. Although I earn 10 dollars in the process I still have 15 dollars loses. But I know my 150 capital can hold right now. I just need to have faith to my trading strategy.
  14. I already withdrawn profits and already received the payments. So far, I need to focus in the forums again to have more capital and to try to have trade again. I guess I just have here in simple strategy used in this broker. I did not able to try to have bigger trading experience so far, but hoping will happen by next months.
  15. @riddick Does this broker provide any sort of strategy for users at all? It would be cool if they did. I didn't know that they have an official forum as well. Is it a PTP as well?
  16. Try to post in mt5 and earn some points that you can use to trade. Right now that's what I'm doing. I earn last april but this month of May I'm just trying to survive in instaforex. But I guess next month I have another funds to use to trade in forex and I'm sure I'm going to earn good in here. I'm just hoping that in mt5 will continue or be maintained.
  17. There were a lot from the strategies here that came from the traders and from the brokers all are in the forum although, not all are easy to understand as the chart and the indicators used are complicated. It is not really a ptp forum but a forum that is sponsored by insta although, you are going to have the profit and you can't withdraw the bonus from posting.
  18. Theirs also forecast that you can use. If you are first timer in here don't expect to earn right away. In my experience its going to take two to three new accounts (if each account you get MC its better to open a new account to have a fresh start) to make a constant profit in here.
    That's what I'm doing in here.
  19. I think they have sent us also their daily analysis which we need to subscribe. Yes, in instaforex we can create many trading accounts as long as we can use it to trade and we have trading capital to those accounts for sure we can learn and earn in trading. I know insta give many traders chances to trade in real trading, those forums they have really good for beginners to start with.
  20. problem with the daily analysis its one day late. If you notice you receive the daily analysis 12 to 24 hours late. I think if you want to get daily analysis faster I think you need to pay. I don't know but that's how I interpret it. Since its seems they are an independent individual who only have a ride in instaforex also.