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Apr 4, 2020 at 6:51 PM
Mar 30, 2012
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Apr 4, 2020 at 6:51 PM
    1. hadg33
      Hello admin,
      I don't mean to send you this message,I just want to know if the forum is still paying because I have requested for a payout since a long time.
      1. Andy
        Hello, there have no pending payout at the moment. When did you make the request? Please give me direct URL to the post. Thanks.
        Jun 23, 2015
    2. budado
      hello, I have not been active in this forum for awhile. I am just wondering if this forum still a ptp forum? Because I notice I can't see my post count anymore. thanks.
    3. mohabbat
      Hello sir .I am new member in this forum. but I have no idea about posting rate , so pls inform me about post or point rate ?
    4. rexway
      I have sent you my desktop screen shot thank you
      1. Andy
        Thank you, I will recheck it soon. Sorry for any inconvenient.
        Feb 25, 2014
    5. tray
      Have not receive any payment sir
      1. Andy
        I have not receive any requested proof from you.
        I will give you a few more days to fulfill my request.
        Feb 25, 2014
    6. willy
      please admin what is the maximum of posts to make request i mean can i make request for 1000 posts at the end of the week
    7. tray
      Hello admin this is my real I.P adress am using to send you this message am using Mobile Device so i can not take a screen shot of my mobile phone,I have nothing to do with duplicate account, please accept and process my payment
      thank you
    8. muhammad zulfika md azmi
      muhammad zulfika md azmi
      hello... when i need comment for 8usd bonus post?
      i wanna witraw it
    9. Bonyi
      I want to ask if I can make payment request. The last time I made a request, it was denied. Should I make a request now? Thanks
    10. rexway
      Good day my manager can I request Multiple payment here in your forum for writing review ?
      Please kindly reply.
    11. rexway
      Dear manager I just write 10 review on the brokers section today and I want to ask if i can write another review tomorow that is dailly.
      And also how can I distinguished my review post with my normal posting post and can I request both payment at the same time?
      Please reply.
    12. muralixyz
      Hi to everyone i am having 4years experience in FOREX marketing i wish to share my opinion myself and getting your experience via this site....share it everything especially u r mistake in forex
    13. lunakrishnan
      hey, i have so many questions i dont know where to start
    14. charlly007
      Hey,i saw your comment on my request.I am surprise with what you posted that,,it isn't my first request.Can i ever made that mistake ? No.The request is my first.Does that mean,100 post are wasted ? Check the record and confirm this.
    15. charlly007
      Thank you very much,my lovely friend.I really appreciate your message.Today is my day for real.
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