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Yadix - Yadix.com

Discussion in 'Broker Discussion' started by YADIX ECN/STP Broker, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. YADIX ECN/STP Broker

    YADIX ECN/STP Broker Broker Representative

    Official discussion thread for Yadix at Digital Cash Palace.

    more about Yadix Broker.

    Dear forex traders,

    My name is George Miller, I am the manager of the Yadix Automated & Scalping Trading Team and the Yadix representative for this excellent forum.

    Yadix is an ECN/STP broker offering superior order execution ideal for forex scalpers and EA systems including scalping robots. Our trading conditions include no trading restrictions on Stop Loss, Take Profit or pending orders and no re-quotes. Yadix specialises in accepting profitable traders, aggressive trading strategies, scalping systems and all other strategies.

    About Yadix
    Below are listed some of the most important aspects of our trading conditions and scalping policies for your review:
    Leading Trading Conditions for Scalpers, EAs and Manual Traders:

    • True ECN/STP Broker – No forex strategy restrictions
    • Low Spreads –Starting from 0.3 pips EURUSD (live feed available on site)
    • Deep Liquidity – Direct access to multi-bank liquidity
    • No Conflict of Interest – Anonymous trading protects trading strategies
    • No Trading Restrictions – Pending orders, SL, TP with no stop levels
    • Valuable Rewards for all Traders – Visit site for more information

    I am here to help traders understand more about Yadix, respond to questions or issues, both positive and negative. I will answer each question openly and transparently just like our philosophy – I am reachable on: marketing AT yadix DOTcom
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  2. dear mr. Miller, please can you share more informations about this: No Trading Restrictions – Pending orders, SL, TP with no stop levels?

    Are you saying that I can trade with no time or pip levels when setting stop loss and take profit? Is it the same on pending oders too? There are no 5 pip sl levels and so on?

    Also, you say scalping ok? Do you have restriction if i open and close orders less than 3 minutes?

    Thanks for your answer
  3. YADIX ECN/STP Broker

    YADIX ECN/STP Broker Broker Representative

    Response to questions

    Hello NLpiper

    It would be my pleasure!

    You are correct in regards to your first point - Yadix offers ZERO limit and stop levels on all order execution types. This includes stop loss, take profit, pending orders, trailing stop, sell stop and but limit.

    Further to the above, Yadix as a scalping friendly broker does not have any time limits on order closing - clients can open and close orders freely without trading restrictions.

    This helps Yadix towards its target of being the best broker for scalping, it also allows us to support even the most aggressive trading robots.

    We recently launched our Scalper Account that is targeted specifically for scalpers, scalping systems and scalping robots. We believe that the account and its advanced trading conditions is ideal for forex scalping. To read the account specifications, please visit our account comparison page on the Yadix website.

    Please respond with anymore questions


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  4. Yadix Best Broker for Scalping

    Hi George, just want to say well done on the scalper account, it is exactly what I have been tryin to find for a while.

    I really think that possibly Yadix is the best broker for scalping...
  5. Hi George. Honestly I liked all what I read in you website. But before I start with you, need to understand exactly, what is actually different between Classic and Scalper account? Why Scalper account is better for scalpers? Explain me please. Thanks.
  6. Yadix broker brand is powered by Gallant Capital Markets Ltd. authorised and regulated by the FSC under the Securities and Investment Business Act, 2010. License : SIBA/L/11/0964. with this fact, can be sure yadix is a broker with high of capital back up and traders not necessary to worry if they will not get paid. by the way, yadix offering scalper account and this account suitable for scalper since the spread offered in every pair is very low.
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  7. YADIX ECN/STP Broker

    YADIX ECN/STP Broker Broker Representative

    Hi TanFX,

    The Scalper account operates on a raw spread, which means that EAs and scalping robots can trigger orders better. With an STP broker, with multiple feeds, the MT4 platform only has the ability to show one aggregated price feed on the chart and there is always a small difference on the chart when comparing to the market watch price (which is accurate). The raw spread price feed ensures that the chart price is accurate (most scalping robots use charts to trigger).

    Yadix offers a fixed rebate of $3 per lot on the scalper account. An example of your monthly rebates would be: 100 lots x $3 = $300 rebate in cash.

    The liquidity providers that we use on the scalper account are specifically chosen to handle the most aggressive and profitable forex EAs volumes. Each liquidity provider has different execution rules and we have sourced targeted liquidity providers that allow us to deliver fast and stable order execution for forex scalpers.

    This doesn't mean that the Classic Account is not suitable for scalpers, however, the entire technical set up of the Scalping Account is more targeted for even the most profitable scalping systems.

    I hope this information helps.



    - - - Updated - - -

    Thanks for the input kasual.

    I am available for any other questions of readers/traders.


  8. Thanks George for this detailed answer.

    How I understood from your website I can open 2 or more different type of accounts from my client cabinet. So I decided to open classic and scalper, to trade in both account and compare them myself.
    I think that even in few days I can understand which is better for my strategy.
  9. In addition, I want to open a PAMM investor account. Even already I know the manager, with whom I would like to work, because I found many recommendations about him.
  10. George, I saw on your website that you offering rebate account where your clients can get $10 per lot traded.
    Want to understand how it can be?
  11. YADIX ECN/STP Broker

    YADIX ECN/STP Broker Broker Representative

    Improved Trading Conditions on the Yadix Scalper Account

    Dear Forum Members

    I would like to update all traders/readers that following a review of our Scalper Account conditions, a decision was made to reduce the commission of this account from 0.65 to 0.5 pips per side to allow more favourable and cost-effective trading for our clients. A reduction of 0.3 pips per lot traded!

    The Yadix Scalper Account was designed to make Raw Spread trading available to forex traders of all levels with affordable account opening, especially for profitable Scalpers and Expert Advisor traders.

    Scalper Account Advantages:

    RAW SPREADS: From 0.1 pips
    Low ECN Commission: 0.5 pips per side
    Specialist Liquidity Providers: Ideal for Forex Scalpers
    Inter-Bank Trading: Trade directly with real forex markets (no market making)
    Transparency: Clients can rely on a 100% transparency on the STP/ECN Forex Model
    Account Opening: Only $500

    Successful Forex Scalping

    To operate a successful forex trading strategy, there are forex trading conditions that your broker must deliver. At Yadix, we have designed a unique trading account that allows even the most aggressive and profitable forex scalpers to trade without restrictions or issue. Dedicated liquidity providers connected to the Yadix Scalper account give us the ability to comfortably accept scalpers. There are no stop levels or limits, no time restrictions and true market depth that allows trade sizes from 0.001 (micro lots to 100 lots)

    Profitable EA Trading

    For clients that trade forex using profitable Expert Advisors, the Yadix Scalper Account not only provides the lowest cost trading conditions available for a low investment, but it also allows accurate and fast order execution based on RAW SPREADS (direct market pricing), anonymous order execution protects your profitable trading strategy.

    Please contact us for more information on the new Scalper Account conditions or other account types available at Yadix.
  12. YADIX ECN/STP Broker

    YADIX ECN/STP Broker Broker Representative

    Yadix EA & Auto- Trading Reviews!


    Yadix is offering you the chance to highlight your Automated Trading Systems, and make them available to thousands of Yadix account holders through the Yadix EA & Auto- Trading Reviews that’s coming soon.

    A dedicated section of Yadix website will soon be launched with reviews of Expert Advisors and Trading Systems. It will include all that clients need to know to trade with a Forex EA and how to select an EA that’s suitable for them, including back test results, performance figures and more valuable information will be included.

    This is a great chance to display exactly what your EA can do to thousands of qualified Forex traders. To include your system in our EA review section for free, please send me a private message or email me at marketing (AT) Yadix (dot)com to receive your questionnaire/EA profile.


  13. YADIX ECN/STP Broker

    YADIX ECN/STP Broker Broker Representative

    Higher Forex Rebates for Yadix Traders

    Dear forum member and forex traders,

    Yadix is now offering cash forex rebates on the classic account that ranges from $2 to $5 per lot for all traders. Recent changes to the trading scales make reaching higher rebate levels easier.

    What are Forex Rebates?

    Forex rebates are a guaranteed cash return on your trading volumes, regardless of trading profits or loss. Many traders use forex rebates to boost their trading capital or to retrieve trading losses.

    The cash rebates are unlimited, meaning the more you trade the more real cash rebates you can earn directly to your trading balance.

    Who can Trade for Forex Rebates?

    All clients and trading strategies can benefit. There are no trading restrictions and clients can trade using EAs, Scalping and hedging strategies to generate the biggest return on their trading, up to $5 per lot. Favourable trading conditions ensure clients can and make trading for rebates more profitable.

    Specialist Rebate Account - $10 per lot (1 pip rebate)

    The Yadix Rebate account offers clients the highest forex rebates available, a fixed $10 per lot traded regardless of volumes traded, that’s a reduction of 1 pip per lot traded. There is no maximum rebate you can earn and no restrictions to how you can earn.

    Multiple Forex Accounts – Multiple Forex Rebates & Rewards

    Our unique policy of allowing clients to trade on multiple accounts allows traders to take advantage of beneficial conditions and forex rewards offered on four different account types.

    Yadix Account Choices:

    Pro: Raw Spreads - Lowest ECN Commission -Fast Order Execution - Accurate Fills - Free Forex VPS
    Scalper: Raw Spreads - Low ECN Commission - Specialist LPs - Accurate Fills - Low Funding
    Classic: Low Spreads - STP Execution - 40% Bonus - iPhone 5s welcome gift - Forex Rebates
    Rebate: Competitive Spreads - STP Execution – No Restrictions- High Forex Rebates $10 per lot

    Each Account offers the below favourable conditions without limitations:

    • Ultra-fast Market Execution
    • No dealing desk, no market making
    • No trading restrictions
    • No SL,TP & pending or levels/limits
    • 1:500 leverage, unrestricted
    • Micro lots – 0.01
    • Same day withdrawals
    • Instant account funding
    • Equinix global data centres
    • Full protection for even the most aggressive strategies

    If you’d like to learn more about how trading with Yadix can benefit your forex strategy, please feel free to respond here, direct message me or contact our support team.


  14. Can you explain value of Equinix for an EA trader please, this is something I don't understand
  15. YADIX ECN/STP Broker

    YADIX ECN/STP Broker Broker Representative

    Hi DirtySanchis

    Equinix is a financial exchange that is the leading providing in execution technology.

    The Yadix trade servers are located in the Equinix New York facility, along with the servers of the leading FX Banks that provide liquidity to Yadix.

    This means that the entire process of order execution is done in the fastest possible way with the lowest latency possible. This leads to faster order execution (of course), low latency and more accurate fills.

    Latency is the biggest cause of slippage when trading real forex markets. By trading on the Equinix Financial Exchange and considering the Yadix Forex VPS, you can benefit from order execution of under 1ms.

    To learn more please visit here: Equinix | Low-Latency | Fast Order Execution
    or contact our support team who will be happy to share more details.

    Hope this helps

  16. YADIX ECN/STP Broker

    YADIX ECN/STP Broker Broker Representative

    Reduced Forex Spreads – EURUSD From 0.1 pips

    Dear Traders and Forum members,

    Yadix has reduced its spreads across all currency pairs for the benefit of our clients. Our EURUSD spread has been reduced by 50% and is now amongst the lowest available anywhere:

    EURUSD Spreads from 0.1 pip

    Our forex ECN accounts offer the most competitive forex spreads and ECN commissions, and when combined with fast order execution and deep liquidity, we believe our clients benefit from the finest forex trading experience anywhere.

    EURSD Spreads on Four Account Types:

    Pro Account: From 0.1 pips
    Account Benefits: Lowest ECN commissions – Free Forex VPS

    Scalper Account: From 0.1 pips
    Account Benefits: Low ECN commissions –Low minimum funding - Free Forex VPS

    Classic Account: From 1.1 pips
    Account Benefits: 40% Bonus – Rebates $2 to $5/lot –Gifts: iPhone 5s - Tablets: iPad, Galaxy & Nexus

    Rebate Account: From 2.1 pips
    Account Benefits: $10 per lot fixed forex cash backs

    I’d be happy to answer any of your questions regarding the new spreads and account types we have on offer.

    Successful trading

  17. George, I read that you don't charge for credit card deposits and withdrawals, is this true?

    Please confirm
  18. Excellent Forex Broker Yadix! Very happy with trading conditions, fair trading, account benefits and execution.

    I like these things most:

    1. Spread from 0.1 pip on EURUSD
    2. No charge or fee or deposit and withdrawals
    3. Positive swaps
    4. Same day withdrawals (amazing service)
    5. Accurate execution like I never saw, stop loss, take profit pending orders all execute excellent
  19. YADIX ECN/STP Broker

    YADIX ECN/STP Broker Broker Representative

    Save Money Trading at Yadix Forex BrokerS

    Good morning thread followers,

    As part of our updates, we would like to share some simple ways to save money Trading Forex with Yadix:

    1. No fees/charges on Card or e-wallet deposits & Withdrawals

    2. Trade Micro lots on all Forex accounts

    3. Use 1:500 Leverage – not restricted by balance or Forex account

    4. Swap Free Trading

    5. Earn interest on Swap accounts (use bank Swap Rates)

    6. Zero distance levels on pending orders and stops

    7. Negative balance protection

    8. Low Spreads from 0.1 pips EURUSD

    9. Free access to Forex Account managers & EAs

    10. Cash Back for every trade – 1 pip

    Please visit us for more information or message me directly.

    Wishing you all profitable trading

  20. So far I have traded through the Yadix Broker PAMM managers and all is well.

    These benefits are also good for me as an investor as I can access any profits on same day. I will son start to trade on the Rebate account using an EA to gain from the 1 pip cash back for forex trading