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HY affiliates reviews - is it possible to make money with marketing forex services?

Gotcha, thank you for clarifying that. Actually the answers from both perspectives are quite interesting. It turns out you can't promise much on your behalf about the brokerage service. That makes sense in fact. Otherwise people could have used scam methods to promote the broker and get their payouts, whiletons of customers would have been left disappointed that broker does not fulfill all the fake promises.
I tried a business very simlar to affiliate business few years ago. That was more of a personal partnership though.
I think the most important thing to consider is to find out how you can plan your future so that you can work less on your side of the business and keep getting the money for the work you've done
ahah, well, so far I simply want to get some money for all the efforts I've invested in this thing. To tell the truth I've spent lots of time and efforts in marketing and so far I've got only three subscribers that have invested enough money in trading with HY. Lots of people come, some register accounts, but very few actually deposit money. Even fewer deposit amounts significant enough for me to get my reward :(
I'm sure this happens because people tend to think not even twice, ten times! before they actually invest money in forex trading. Unfortunately they don't normally think the same amount of times before they open deals in a trading environment, that's why forex has got a reputation of a casino. People come, people lose money, people leave. to support this cy
YOu need to focus on finding professionals who can trade, who know how to protect their capital and who can trade year after year so that you can keep getting your commissions while they trade and do nothing to support this cycle.
Professional traders don't normally need a new brokerage, they've got their own understanding on how to find a broker and which one of them is the best in the industry,
So I don't think the advice is valid, unless HY affilates have got some offers that traders won't be able to resist. They do have a nice reputation, which is very good, but not good enough for traders to start moving their cash around.
Well, that's what affiliate marketing and marketing in general is all about. You've got to find the approach to persuade people they can get more favorable trading conditions somewhere else. Actually, if the broker has got good executions stats (like very few slippages, positive requotes, etc) - that can be a good enough reason for a trader to move his funds here. I'm speaking of professional traders now. Trust me, every pip matters for them and they know exactly where and how they lose money. Broker's fees is one of such weak points that influence profitability very much.
Sometimes I start thinking that targeting pros is not that much of a good idea. If you are on a rev share - yes, in this case you were right, that's favorable to let pros trade and keep part of their commissions for yourself. On the other hand.. nubies are easier to target. YOu just need to make sure those are not total nubies, but people interested in trading at least a little bit.
Hi everyone! I don't really see much of a problem. Although everyone in the UAE is rich, I guess LOL. They have a pension of $17,000.
So, the essence of the way I talk about. In the advertising campaign settings, you choose the right sex, age, geo, and narrow audience by "rich" interests. This can be a yachting, golf, expensive phones. By the way, you can choose the type of device from which a person enters Facebook or Instagram. It can be a costly model.
I don't think everyone is rich in the UAE. There are very few indigenous people there. Most of the people are residents of Pakistan, India, and other countries. They came to work and don't exactly fit the description of the audience that I need.
So yeah, the suggested approach to targetiing might work.
Thnx. I tried the method you talked about. I created an ad. And the price of conversion turned out to be significant. But I received a client who made the deposit at once! He or she was funding 10,000$. OMG! So, the target method works. It's quite expensive, but it pays off quickly. Next week I want to request a payment.
WOW! I'm happy for you. After all, affiliate marketing in the Forex niche is profitable. I remember that you doubted whether or not to start this business.
Great news! Frankly speaking, I was not very hopeful about targeting. There is already a burnout audience. Because many advertisers have added to Facebook. And Facebook has also started to block business accounts more often.
This was due to the elections. The site administration was afraid that this time there would be again manipulations through this social network. They suffered quite well because of the damage to their reputation at the last elections.
I had no problems with the ban on my advertising account. However, I immediately thoroughly studied the rules of advertising on Facebook. I also had an old account and did not start a new one. As far as I know, Facebook pays special attention to new accounts.
Hi there. ZhoGorisar, you still haven't reported whether you received a withdrawal? I'm a little nervous. How quickly did the payment come? Is everything okay?
Hey, guys. I got the withdrawal in mid-December. HY affiliates has a system that partners receive payments once a month on the 15th. So everything came on time and without any problems. I finally realized that affiliate marketing is a profitable business.

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