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You can make profit with small investment. The interesting fact about trading is you can make profit compounded. But for this you have to make a long term profit target. For example, 3 or 4 years plan. But if you want quick huge profit with small investment you are going to end up losing your account.
It is very important to sharpen our knowledge. We can't stop learning. Learning is a continuous process. We have to continue it. There is no end of learning. The sad part is most people are unwilling to learn. They look for short cuts.
Choosing a forex broker is very important but having good knowledge and skills are most important. If we have good knowledge and skills with the support of a good broker then we can achieve our target very easily.
success always complicated issue at any sector even Forex trading but it can be achievable of course by means of real patience, otherwise there is no real chance.
Forex is a market place from where you can bring good amount of profit but of course you have to make sure first of all real knowledge and experience.
Money Management is one of the most important pillar here! Greedy Forex traders lose their full trading balance end of the day, since they don’t respect money management as well as risk management policies! On the other hand, professional Forex traders are able to recover their trading mistakes so smarty, because of using MM trading rules in their trading!
It is really difficult to get satisfied by Forex , because most of the traders are loser from here and me also. But I never gave up. Still I am trying to survive by means of my trading skill that I have gathered by passing a long time.
Forex is a big fish if you want to catch of course you have to pass a long time with great level of patience . so choice is yours.
That is cool, but trading is hard, and you have to practice a lot till you manage to make a profit. I started trading on the foreign exchange market two years ago. And at the beginning, I didn't know anything about it. It took me a lot of time to understand the simple difference between metatrader 4 and metatrader 5 and understand why the previous version is better and more popular among traders. Still, I hope you will manage to succeed in this field.
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To earn consistent profits in forex trading is not easy considering the forex risk is very high. At the risk of it, so to be successful in forex we need to continue to learn and practice trading so well that would allow us to trade with the maximum. And have a good trading psychology is the key to get consistent profit in forex trading
I have seen according to my trading experience mostly traders depend on demo trading for acquiring proper basic information about trading; I think it would be better if we newcomers take Babypips school for acquiring real fundamental experience instead of demo account. This trading place always makes sure all basic information with essential terms and conditions.