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FX Systems - fxsystems.com

Discussion in 'Broker Discussion' started by Andy, Jun 18, 2012.

  1. Andy

    Andy Administrator Staff Member

    Official discussion thread for FX Systems at Digital Cash Palace.

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  2. Best Spreads and Execution combined, hard to find both aspects anywhere but i would recommend fxsystems.com
  3. I would agree, very professional brokerage with very low spreads
  4. any broker under this group is pretty good
  5. just visited the site and found that this forex broker have many branch company and all of them move in currency trading field. I don't know the reason why they have branch company with different name of company but I guess that previously their branch company is not their company and because some reason, fxsystems.com make acquisition and choose to keep hold the old name and not change it.
  6. Yes i believe they bought out all these brokers and just kept the clients with them and all the sites. Either one seems to give a quality service especially for brokers these days.
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  8. unfortunately fxsystem only accept VIP client account only and set $25,000 as minimum deposit. usually, only account manager that able to spend such high amount to open an account in this broker. but even though traders status is retail traders and have $25,000, still able to open an account in fxsystem.
  9. They are accepting retail clients from $100, you just have to go to their site and open with one of their smaller branches. Good place