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Official discussion thread for EXNESS at Digital Cash Palace.

- Users can ask questions, make suggestions to improve the service, share stories (no spamming/advertising).
- Brokers employees may participate in topics by answering questions. Promote and posting announcement.

Please be honest and fair with the broker being discussed.

more about EXNESS Broker
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EXNESS Offers Traders a Web Terminal

Beginning January 29, 2014, EXNESS is offering a new trading platform: EXNESS Webtrader. The platform, which is designed for online trading on EXNESS' MT4 servers directly from a browser, was added in response to our clients' many requests.

The platform accounts for the needs of modern traders relative to mobility, an easy-to-use interface, and powerful functionality. Every EXNESS client can use it to access to the full web-version of the familiar MetaTrader 4 terminal with a wide selection of tools for trading and technical analysis.

EXNESS Webtrader lets each trader create a comfortable work environment on practically any computer and may be used on any of the most popular operating systems: Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. Trading on the new platform requires only an Internet connection and an installed program to play Flash content (Adobe Flash Player).

The web terminal is currently available to clients in 11 languages: English, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, German, Chinese, Urdu, French, Portuguese, Vietnamese and Japanese. Directly from the terminal you can contact EXNESS client support, whose qualified specialists are always ready to answer traders' questions.

In order to achieve financial success each client must have advanced tools. That's why EXNESS specialists create and develop innovative technology for the forex market - technology that lets traders trade professionally on regular desktop computers as well as on a wide variety of mobile devices.

Before using the web terminal for the first time you must enter the password for the account you will be trading on. You can do this in the "Settings" section of the specific account in the Personal Area.Learn more about EXNESS Webtraderin a special section of EXNESS' official website.

The password set for the web terminal can also be used to access the EXNESS Trading API, which lets you develop your own trading applications.Review the API' documentationon the EXNESS website.

Published: 28 Jan 2014/ EXNESS Press Service
Source: https://www.exness.com/news/article/exness_offers_traders_a_web_terminal
exness is great broker even they do not have fixed spread in the platform but the main thing in this broker is the low spread and the great technical support and also the great way to withdraw your profits and instant withdraw at the time you will find your money
I already open an account in here but still I don't have investments in here. I decided to have a dormant account in here until I have stabilize the four first broker sites that I have invest in. I do hope to invest in here once I have extra funds and my other accounts are stable.
I don't know what is the problem but I can't upload my documents in here. I don't know why. I don't know if its my connection that has a problem or what. I will going to try to upload again my documents next week. And hoping to get verified before I invest in here.
Finally I have invested in here 100 dollars. I do hope to get additional 7 dollars in here. So total I have 107 dollars investments since I'm going to invest 7 dollars in here that I get as rebate for joining the site. I'm planning to have sustainable 500 dollars trading capital. 100 dollars is still not enough.
I already reached 468 dollars yesterday and I make a mistake in lot size when I wake up I got stop out! I have 86 dollars left. I tried to do some scalping and I have two scalping trade with 10 pips profit each and that equal to 2 dollars profit. So I now have 88 dollars. but still that is very far from my 468 dollars yesterday. So frustrating.
Got stop out again. lols. Total loss is 504 dollars. I will try to invest 100 dollars in here again if I have extra money. That's means I need to focus on reaching 604 trading capital in here in order to be breakeven.
I loss 504 dollars in here but I invest again 50 dollars in here. So I need to reach 554 dollars balance to breakeven in here. So far I turn my 50 dollars into 134 dollars. I am still far from break even in here and I think its going to take me ten months to reach the breakeven point.

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