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Major pairs are the good for scalping

Major pairs are the good for scalping. Eurusd, Gbpusd, Audusd, Nzdusd are most profitable currencies for scalping. Actually I do not encourage scalping for new traders. It ruins the trading psychology of a new trader. Scalping is for pro trader. The traders who know the art of trading very well.
Yes all currencies in Forex trading are good, just we have to experience with them by trading . We can trade all major currency in our demo account. Because we can see here the pairs performance how it works.
Major pairs are highly liquid and have low spreads, making them suitable for scalping. Major pairs can make a significant profit even in the case of weak movements. The wise choice of currency pairs for Forex trading is one of the most important conditions of a profitable trade.
Major pair is definitely very good for scalping. The price movement of the major pair is very good. This is the reason why you can earn a lot of money by scalping in this pair. And one of the best points is that the spread is less in Major Pair. And many institutional traders trade in this pair which makes the movement of this pair very sweet.
Scalping is a short time trading strategy. Trader need low spread and high volatility for scalping. Major pair is recommended for scalper.
This approach is very popular today.
And I understand why it turned out this way, because it allows to maintain high dynamics and significantly increase profits.
On the other hand it's quite risky, so it's better to try it on a demo first.
Frankly speaking, I was sure that this approach can be used on any asset, it all depends on the selected timeframe and the features of current market conditions.
New traders enjoy scalping because it provides rapid gain. And that makes them hooked to trading. However, I think beginning with scalping is a lousy idea. Everybody ought to begin with greater timeframe. After some expertise scalping could be carried out.
Yes scalping is risky especially for newbies. By doing scalping a newbie becomes habitual to lot of trading which leads to over trading. And over trading leads loss. Later it becomes very difficult to change the habits.

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