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Every trader committed errors

Every trader committed errors in trading. Most common error is they take impulsive decision to open a trade. They don't follow any rules. They don't have any risk management policy. The main problem is they don't study about market and trading. They try to copy some strategy.
Loss cannot be avoided in trading. There is no business where there is no loss. Trading is not the opposite. There is a loss in trading but that loss has to be maintained through risk-reward. Loss is a mistake and you should learn from this mistake. Loss can be covered through a 1: 2 risk-reward.
Yes, I agree with you. Many traders indeed make such mistakes, which could easily have been avoided, and even learned from the experience of other traders. That's why it's very important to take trading seriously and not to consider it as some kind of hobby, but as a full-fledged business. It's cool if your brokerage provides you with educational materials, it's only good for you and you can learn more easily.
1. Don't rush to work with large sums.
2. Work on the demo, watch the statistics.
3. Determine the necessary strategies.
4. Proceed to standard work in the market.
5. Don't risk large sums even in the most favorable conditions.
That's why only people who can analyze and make decisions consciously and accurately remain in our business.
Although it works in any business.
Everyone makes mistakes. Another issue is that some make them all the time, while others try to analyze their causes and correct them and not to make them in the future.
Yes, errors will happen initially as it takes time to understand the market and its working. Important is you learn from mistake, do analyse and not repeat again in future.
Basically; which traders are with a learning approach; end of the day; they are enjoying their trading! As you know; Forex is all about learning & updating own trading skill.

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