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Don't be restless

Yes new traders become restless to make money. All day long they try to find out new entry. Even their night is sleepless. But the fact is to make money in trading you need a calm and relaxed mind. When I was new I was also in a hurry to make money. It's because most of the time we are given wrong information about trading. Like making money is vey easy here.
I agree with you. That's why so many newbies are quitting trading. Because they stress themselves with obsessions with trading, never have a normal rest and sometimes don't sleep at all like you wrote. But this approach doesn't produce any results except exhaustion. It's an unhealthy approach and you have to fight it. I hope that a few of these traders will read it all and probably think about all this from different prospect.
if you hyes nice suggestion , without practicing demo account any learning approach can be useless. ave most powerful analyzing trading experience including money management , any time can be better for you
Yes, I agree that a trader can not take rest in Forex and he needs to do hard work to make good decisions in Forex trading. Always learn to control emtions and have good discipline to be a good trader.
Of course, all traders understand that trading is hard work, and it's true. You constantly need to keep a lot of important information in your thoughts, remember a lot of important news and so on. But this is exactly why traders need to rest. Because it is very easy to go crazy without a break. Or even worse - to become a nonprofitable trader. To maintain normal working efficiency, you need to take breaks in work and have enough rest.
I agree with the author. All newcomers have a problem with self-control, which then spills over into a loss of money. It's hard to calm yourself down, knowing that you can make a mistake and lose. So I advise all beginners to start with small deals to get used to losing money. This way, they get used to the failures and winnings and become colder in their further judgments.
True! This is an issue mostly with beginners, They become restless and lack the patience required to trade forex. Not being able to bear the stress and panic in this field, they end up quitting trading which is not good.
I don't think it's easy to make money in the market. Because in order to become a professional trader a person needs to understand the market, choose strategies that can be used on a long-term basis, understand fundamental analysis, identify capital, etc. And this is not easy. But if you decide to deal with this case seriously, then you will open new perspectives - this is a fact.
hidden cost very stupid thing i have ever faced ,
it depends on your trading broker , choose the right one and stay away from that.
if you want to find a right broker, you have to move Forex Pace Army where people share their own trading experience. And EarnForex and Babypips can be a great source to find a right broker nowadays.
We all know that if you give enough time to the market, you can earn money more. But working or spending time in the market restlessly can be a great problem for the traders. Mostly new traders want to earn more money. For that, they work restlessly. It can be dangerous for their health and mind. So, you should take rest while working.
When loss happen, we will need to stay calm. Maintain patient to wait alongside trading opportunity and start place once it comes. Not essential to hurry to recuperate back and forth trade though no chance seem. It'll make traders to find additional reduction than able to regain previous loss.
New traders usually have problems with psychology which is why they trade extra. And if there is a loss, they try to cover that loss by over-trading. To control it, you have to create a positive trading formula and give up greed.
Some of the traders that neglect here in the foreign exchange market is because they're unable to understand where their weak point is. This thing will make them not to have the ability to discover what's the primary source of their losses. Every trader has his or her own weakness and better if the trader discover it fast

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