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CySec Regulated Forex Brokers

The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission(CySEC) is a regulatory authority that is committed to the safety and security of traders. Thus, by choosing a broker registered with CySEC, you can be assured of their authenticity and good trading conditions.
With this in mind, I’ve created this thread to help my fellow traders to find a reliable broker!

Website: https://fxview.com/
Office: Limassol, Cyprus
Max Leverage: 500X
Minimum deposits: $5
Number of currency pairs: 70

IC Markets
Website: https://www.icmarkets.com/global/en
Office: Limassol (Cyprus)
Max Leverage: 500X
Minimum deposits: $200
Number of currency pairs: 65
Other registrations: ASIC, AFCA

Website: https://www.etoro.com/
Office: Limassol (Cyprus)
Max Leverage: 400X
Minimum deposits: $50
Number of currency pairs: over 45
Other registrations:FCA, FinCEN, ASIC

Website: https://www.xtb.com/en
Office: Limassol (Cyprus)
Max Leverage: 30X
Minimum deposits: No min deposit
Number of currency pairs: 48
Other registrations: FCA, IFSC, FSCA, DFSA

Website: https://www.forextime.com/eu
Office: Limassol (Cyprus)
Max Leverage: 2000X
Minimum deposits: $100
Number of currency pairs: 60
Other registrations: FSCA, FCA, BaFiN, CONSOB, AMF, ACPR, FCMC, FSAN, CNMV, FSA, NBS

Admiral Markets
Website: https://admiralmarkets.com/
Office: Nicosia (Cyprus)
Max Leverage: 30:1
Minimum deposits: $100

Number of currency pairs: 50
Other registrations: FCA, JSC, AFSL

Website: https://www.avatrade.com/
Office: Limassol (Cyprus)
Max Leverage: 400:1
Minimum deposits: $100
Number of currency pairs: 55
Other registrations: ASIC, BVIFSC, FSCA, FRSA

Website: https://www.plus500.com/en-NL/
Office: Limassol, Cyprus
Max Leverage: 30:1, professional account: 300X
Minimum deposits: $100
Number of currency pairs: 70
Other registrations: FCA, ASIC, MAS, SFSA

Website: https://www.fxpro.com/
Office: Ypsonas (Cyprus)
Max Leverage: 200X
Minimum deposits: $100
Number of currency pairs:70+
Other registrations: FSCA, SCB, FCA

Website: https://www.xm.com/
Office: Limassol (Cyprus)
Max Leverage: 500X
Minimum deposits: $5
Number of currency pairs: 57
Other registrations: DFSA, IFSC, ASIC

Please feel free to give your input and add more brokers to the list.
Cysec is one of the most respected and highly reliable regulatory bodies. Regulated forex brokers are bound by the rules and regulations set by the regulatory authority. Therefore, they offer complete transparency to their clients. When you trade with CySec Regulated Forex Brokers, you will always know that your investment capital is completely safe. While there are many instances of unregulated brokers stealing trader’s money, the best regulated brokers, whether they have cysec regulation or other trusted forex regulation, always ensures protection of funds. Cysec regulated forex brokers can never use traders’ funds for any other purpose. Top regulated forex brokers can only invest traders’ money in the trades that are approved by the trader himself, which means the trading positions they take up. Even in a rare case when regulated forex brokers have to go through a financial crisis, traders are always compensated and provided a significant portion of their trading capital.
Appreciate your effort, you’ve made a great list with some of the best brokers out there. I too am using fxview from the list, it’s a good broker.
When you trade with a cysec regulated forex company, you trade with utmost surety that you are trading as per the trading rules and laws set by the financial authorities of your country. All the cyprus forex brokers who have cysec regulation offer a safe trading environment to the traders. The forex brokers regulation in cyprus is a good way to identify a reliable and trustworthy forex broker. Also, we can’t deny the fact that the forex market has become a breeding ground for scams because there is no central authority to supervise the activities happening in the forex market. Beginners often ask, “ Is forex market regulated”, If it's not then where can they report in case of fraud or any mishap? I would say the only solution is to be aware of unregulated forex brokers and only choose cyprus regulated broker. The reason is obvious, regulated forex brokers prevent you from any fraudulent activities. Cysec, we all know, is a powerful regulatory body. As a part of regulations, forex brokers are required to submit the reports of all the transactions whether it’s traders’s deposits and withdrawals or the company's own transactions. The goal of cysec regulations is to ensure transparency and guarantee protection for trader’s funds. The regulatory bodies monitor all the financial activities of a particular broker. In case the broker can’t maintain sufficient balance, regular auditing allows regulatory authorities to identify the danger of bankruptcy that may be impending on the brokerage firm. Personally, it’s a must for me to do the cysec license check as a priority because this is how I always begin my search for the best cysec regulated forex brokers in cyprus.
Is regulation the only way to find if a broker is reliable or not?
No, regulation is not the only way to identify the reliability of a forex broker, you should also check their background, trading conditions, customer support etc. But regulation is a good way to ensure trustworthiness.
You have done a great job collating cysec regulated brokers list of best forex brokers cyprus. These are the best cysec brokers of 2022. The best cysec forex brokers always have traders' faith because their activities are centered on instilling trader’s trust in the market. When you select a forex broker, you actually don’t know whether they can be trusted or not. All you can do is check reviews and read whatever information you can find on their website. However, this is not a sure shot way to determine the reliability of a broker. If a broker doesn’t have regulatory oversight, they can disappear any day. There’s no way you can predict how things will turn out in the future. When your money is at stake, I don’t think it’s safe to take such a risk. Therefore you should always choose top regulated brokers only. The new regulated forex brokers who want to operate under cyprus forex regulation have to comply with the european financial framework because most regulated brokers who want to attain the title of top forex companies in cyprus should prove that they are ideal for cyprus license and can be one of the best brokers in cyprus. Being registered with cysec requires a broker to fulfill so many formalities like having functional customer support, record keeping, and keeping trader’s funds separate from their own. All these things encourage a broker to provide trader-friendly services. In case, the cysec regulated brokers fail to operate appropriately, the regulatory body has all the right to cancel the license of cysec forex brokers. In many cases, such cysec brokers can also be imposed penalties. Therefore, to ensure that your trading is safe and you are trading with top forex brokers in cyprus, always choose regulated brokers in forex and this list of regulated forex brokers is a great place to start with. Knowing who are the best cysec regulated forex brokers 2022 is helpful in deciding who are the top regulated forex brokers to open account with.
@Colossus Right! Regulations are important but there are other factors too that you need to consider like trading conditions and withdrawal processing speed. I considered all these factors while selecting fxview and icm for trading, and it has been a good experience.
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