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Control your greed

Most of the traders lose money because of greed. There is no place for greed and fear in trading. Regardless, this trading regimen is not for the unassuming or leave heart. Lift hasty thoughts considers to a high-chance profile where plan is essential and particular organizing is a sure basic if a trading learner is to survive.
This is why a proper trading plan is must so we can stick to it whatever the reasons might come and we only try to achieve our target. Once the goal is achieve, sit back and relax to review our performance and trading plan for necessary changes if required.
Sure I am controling it, who says I am not honestly. I never allow myself to loose more money than I really can afford, I hope everyone is doing the same, if not - it's time to start. Good luck to everyone anyway with all your needs.
In Forex market greedy trader tend to face loss after certain point of time by the time they realize it's too late, so it's better to control your greed at right time.
Greed is a strong enemy to gain profit. forex is a very profitable business. we can earn huge money from here. most of the new trader cannot control their greediness and trade more and more for huge profit. always we should protect our capital and trade for money in very carefully without any greed.
Yes to some extent i agree but greed is not the only element which rips off our trading plans we better have a trading idea and know how the trading process works in order to earn money from this highly profitable business.
Greed is a negative emotion which every trade face in their trading career. Trade have to overcome this negative to become successful in trading.
success on paam service is completely depends on brokers performance, but right now most of the brokers are found to be scams, so choosing a broker for Paam account is real difficult task from all.
Yes, you are right. Most of the traders lose their money because of their greed. If you can control your greed you can make money from this market, and can become successful in the forex market.
Greed is the main enemy of trading. If you want to make money from this risky market, you have to control your greed. making money slowly but consistently can be the best way to survive in this market.
Fear and greed is a bad experience in trading. If there is greed, it is never possible to make a profit in trading. Emotions will work in trading whenever you give priority to greed and this emotion is the cause of loss in trading. You have to work according to discipline. It is possible to get a lot out of trading if you can work with patients according to the discipline.
Greed is that poison which can mar a trader's success in a second. Once a trader is trapped by greed and other such emotions, it takes him/her a second to blow off his/her account. One should be really careful with dealing with greed and not over trade because of that. Be rational while trading and take practical decisions only.
Greed is very dangerous for traders. A trader should not have unrealistic expectation. He should expect profit according to his trading ability. Every trader should find out how much skilled he is and then use his skills wisely.
it is more appropriate to go through the school minimum 2-3 times , but newcomer just finished school rapidly and kick off a live account. this is not good.
To become a profitable trader, you need to control your greed. Your greed can put you in great danger. You can lose all your investment because of your greedy nature.
Emotion plays with the substantial role in trading. Not just newbie traders traders do not have emotional stability in relation to trading. Fear and jealousy overpowers them. .
Not just novices, even a person trading for many years have greed. I've seen it. If you are not discipline about your trading, it's difficult to control your emotions.

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