- Minimum deposit is only 5 USD
- Floating spread from 0.2 pips
- No requotes
- ECN account
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LiteForex logo
- Deposit from $1
- Regular contests with valuable prizes
- Unique deposit insurance service
- Auto-withdrawal service
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NordFX logo
- Minimum deposit is $5
- Leverage is up to 1:500
- Tight fixed and varied spreads
- STP and ECN accounts
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- Ultra-tight spreads
- Zero commission, no hidden fees
- Accounts from $100 USD
- Brand new trading platform
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  1. We must avoid the brokers regulated by CySEC Cyprus they generally cheat and thief if you have entrusted your money even if you win you can not recover because they CySEC deaf to the problem of traders to keep their Brokers that he contributed money. I was witness to several instances of traders can not withdraw their money or the brokers manipulate prices to kill the stop loss.When I leave buy Limite but markets is closed and tomorrow reopening maximum prix is 7162 but iron fx executed my buy Limit to 7200 and closed margin call.DAX market Yesterday is closed 7254 tommrrox morning opening is 7162 but 7200 price is no exist for the day how can buy at this price cheat and thief

  2. The site of Iron Forex Looks Good and the information inside even better if we presume that this is not an honest broker.

    What is the aim of an Fx broker? To attract more customers right? The way I perceive Ironfx is that they lie to you to get you in and then take your money. Why I am saying that? If you look at their site, home page banner number 3 its says interbank pricing from 0. and then in their site: they say “We offer the tightest spreads in the market, starting FROM 0.4 pips” Why not being honest from the first banner? Customers are not stupid, they know how to read.

    In general I like their site and services but this makes me crazy to see such inconsistency in their marketing approach. I hope they will understand my post from a customer point of view and I hope they can provide an answer to me, why they are doing this. (Unhetical Behavior)

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