- Minimum deposit is only 5 USD
- Floating spread from 0.2 pips
- No requotes
- ECN account
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LiteForex logo
- Deposit from $1
- Regular contests with valuable prizes
- Unique deposit insurance service
- Auto-withdrawal service
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- Minimum deposit is $5
- Leverage is up to 1:500
- Tight fixed and varied spreads
- STP and ECN accounts
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- Ultra-tight spreads
- Zero commission, no hidden fees
- Accounts from $100 USD
- Brand new trading platform
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  1. Their security level is so high and I like this. Moreover I didn’t faced any requote problem here. Good support! A lot of bonuses! I received my first bonus less than 15 minutes. So, Definitely I will recommend this broker to everyone.

  2. bigTraderVN says:

    InstaForex is a good broker to join and for making money place. No any forex forums that could serve the traders with a lot of trading facilities, both fundamental and technical analysis. It is recommended place for traders around the world.

  3. says:

    I’ve tried others brokers but I definitely stay with InstaForex. I like the numerous services they offer constantly and it’s true they are the best because they have been awarded with many prizes. I have an account free of swap, so i leave my deals from one night to another and no fees are charged. When I started to trade in forex market, their courses for beginners helped me a lot and if i have any doubt or concern, their customer service solve all of them by email, phone or live chat, which is great. That’s why I trust on them.

  4. Admin note: Fake reviews. Removed.

  5. Admin note: Fake reviews. Removed.

  6. instaforex is the one broker that i still trade with them since 3 years ago… all of my traders friends averagely having an accounts in instaforex… but when LR Down some of friends who used LR for deposit experienced delay on withdrawal, i use local deposit so i don’t have any problem with that, my withdrawal always processed smoothly, they have copy trading system and i like to use it because of easy and simple, even their spreads 3 pips for major currencies which already old fashioned but i already comfortable trading with them

  7. i do not have any bad experience with instaforex, in fact i must admit that instaforex is the finest broker that offering great feature rather than others, complete feature of forex technology makes me amaze and rate them as best broker, the lack trading here is spread rather high compare with new brokers, 3 pips for major in instaforex when alot of other brokers offering only 2 or 1 pip…

  8. Scam broker; their profile on the Forex Peace Army says everything. That they’re using the LR closure to justify pilfering half of all deposits made via that avenue is unforgivable.

  9. InstaForex deposit heavily depend on Liberty Reserve, that is why it was suffer after LR has gone. 6 months restricted from withdrawal and after that, steal 50% amount deposit, that is the worst!

  10. Reeser KaDee says:

    Spammer for InstaForex. Removed.

  11. Gwynee Haney says:

    Spammer for InstaForex. Removed.

  12. submitted by InstaForex Staff. Removed.

  13. Elias Hogan says:

    self-promotion! Review removed.

  14. Andres Forex Trader says:

    For me, InstaForex has one of the lowest deposit size in the Forex Industry. InstaForex gives the clients on their flexibility on their traders and if you plan to trade with them, you can choose any leverage from 1:1 up to 1:1000 depending on the risk management system you use when trading.

  15. InstaForex offers a unique service to their clients such as opening of segregated accounts, providing protection of the client’s capital from risk of any force-major situations, connected with the company’s activity.

  16. Reviews from the same IP address of InstaForex representative. Review removed.

  17. They are my personal favorite broker, only rare problems and if there is, they will solve it very fast. Their software is really good and I really like their service and the spreads are really tight. Good job InstaForex :)

  18. Reviews from the same IP address of InstaForex representative. Review removed.

  19. FxMagician says:

    I’m fully satisfied with insta. I love their pamm and forex-copy systems. Also I like their quick money withdrawal system. Spreads are ok and no requotes. Of course I glad to get +30% each time I make deposit. I think that Instaforex is very reliable broker, I don’t worry about my money.

  20. I considered InstaForex to be better than a bunch of Forex Brokers that has a lot of issues related to their activity. InstaForex offers a cent and dollar standard account for you to train yourself or in case you do not want to risk a big amount of money.

  21. Reviews from the same IP address of InstaForex representative. Review removed.

  22. Reviews from the same IP address of InstaForex representative. Review removed.

  23. IFX Bella says:

    Please be informed that when you faced a problem like that you should immediately contact the Support Service because complaining on forums is not the best way to solve such a serious issue.

    As for trading accounts, they are not allowed to withdraw any method, but since the partner’s accounts are only deposited with the commissions of their referrals, there is an exception for this type of accounts and they may use different payment processors and banking details.

    You can protect your account from unauthorized withdrawals by SMS security – you can activate this option in your Client Cabinet.

    The logs of the Client Cabinet access are available in your cabinet – this way you can check if someone else accessed your account.

    And of course, we will pass your worries and suggestion to our management, so they could find a way to make your work with InstaForex even more secure.

    • If the problem solved then I did not post here! When it happen I immediately contact support but I really disappointed with how it’s turn out, bad service as I can say! I’m out and move on, no longer my problem!

  24. Till now, i am quite satisfied with Insta. They have lots of contests where every one can take participate and prize money is also very good. Also they have lots of other offers like social network offers and much more. These all are very attractive features and that’s the reason they have 50k+ likes in their FB page.

    Till now, i dont have any regret about using their trading client. I will recommend everyone to give this a try. Starting from leverage (Upto 1:1000) everything is just awesome for newbies.

  25. I’m really disappointed with InstaForex support for partner and their security!

    About 15 days ago there have a withdraw from my partner account which I did not authorized! Instantly I report it to get my money back and they can look into it. They replied and said that they will look into the issue, yes, I’m glad.

    And then, 11 days later, no money back to my account, no reply from them! I contact them again to see how it work. They reply that it’s impossible to get the money back!

    Can you believe it? Usually it took 5 days or 1 week for the withdraw being processed, there have much time for them to denied withdraw request of that scammer but they did not make it!

    Be aware everyone!!! You has been warmed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. I’ve heard that they have many servers to handle the orders but loss connection and requote still happen all the time! Such as today, even login is a hard process!

  27. all poeple here..
    this broker scam
    i hv losse money in instaforex….
    my mt4 i turn robot to….
    but my mt4 still trading….not pending orde o else…but in secon still trading..
    but in my jurnal…since i turn on before turn off, in my jurnal mt4..not see result my trading sell/buy…

    until i turn off.i see with my investor ,not live trading still trading…
    then i turn on, what happen??? my robot turn off. stil trading…but in jurnnal mt4 not see reslt buy/sell


  28. Instaforex is good…..I had good trading experience with them. I also traded with Forex Control and liked them as well. They have very good charts and analysis for all NSE, BSE, indices in Nifty and FX. I started trading with them as low as USD 500 and I got upto 1 PIP. Their registration process is simple and quick.

  29. I hear a lot about this broker but I dont need bonus I need rebate. My friend told me that a new broker will give me $5 per lot that I trade. I will trade with them as soon as they start

    • I think you must ask your friend again. I checked out the link that you provide but that broker has not available yet. Honestly, new broker is not really recommended unless you want to test it. Good luck ;)

  30. Hello,

    I am using your demo version of GCI MT4.

    I am already have one demat A/C to trade stocks and F&O in NSE.

    I am living in Ahmedabad, Gujrat, India.

    Can any one tell me how can I get live stock quotes with online charts service include NSE Future and Options?

    How do I can get live charts of NSE stocks and F&O? and what are the chaarges?

    Thanks in advance

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