Liberty Reserve Forex brokers

Liberty Reserve S.A. is no longer online and all clients funds remains inaccessible.

In May 2013, Liberty Reserve was shut down by United States federal prosecutors under the Patriot Act after an investigation by authorities across 17 countries. _wikipedia

Few brokers who using Liberty Reserve as deposit/withdraw method have already confirmed status of clients' funds. The up-to-date list can be founded at: Liberty Reserve is DOWN! Does your brokers allow withdraw using another way?

Liberty Reserve Forex brokers - List of online Forex brokers that accept Liberty Reserve payment for deposit/ withdraw Liberty Reserve Forex Brokerswith detailed information, reviews, ratings, includes discussion forum.

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Liberty Reserve (LR) is quite famous for interest users due to its slow fee - 1% (min $0.01 - max $2.99) but please note that there have potential risk using LR as there have no dispute system - you cannot get your money back once you decide to send payment, even if you has been scammed. Moreover, LR is not Financially regulated!

In most instances, Forex brokers that follow strict regulation such as NFA regulated brokersFCA UK regulated brokers or FINRA regulated brokers cannot accept LR payment because they must be subject to a rule implementing the anti-money laundering compliance.


  1. Liberty Reserve official site (off-line)
  2. AML - Anti Money Laundering
  3. Money laundering
  4. Anti-Money Laundering.

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