Thursday , December 14 2017
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  1. These people are the scum of the earth. Synergyfx is nothing but a place where their parent company Synergy Financial Markets Pty Ltd parks their clients investment funds. Then they pretend to invest in currencies etc and before too long the money has disappeared. It is all run by one solitary con man with hardly any help. He also runs other funds and signal services and likes to do the trading himself. Shifts the money around through various brokers accounts until it can be made to vanish. Christian Dove is obviously not his real name although how this got past ASIC I cannot possibly understand. If anybody knows who this conman really is please report it to ASIC or better still report it to the media before too many more people lose their savings. That really is his picture on the Synergyfx front page.

  2. They are direct market manipulat-er, they hedge against your account, bad services, fee on deposit, they manipulate your leverage when they want, oups and 2 other, they don`t respect a correct calculation on the swap, and simply cut the plug to close your order when you want or try to close all in too good profit. A real nitemare. Take another road. If you don`t want lose your money easily. hA_t-e h=0ol N=O-((No–ou=rsEe)) is just another Man that try take your money as fast that he can. Please follow my advise.

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