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  1. Look what Theodpolous wrote at tradingt about this Lorenz V: “The guy below is Lorenz Vauck, he is a known forex broker scammer so don’t trust his post below. Nordfx are a decent broker Lorenz is not an honest trader.”
    I fully agree with Theodpolous, NordFX is a serious and honest broker. Why, when somebody tries to cheat a bank, it is a crime, and to cheat a broker – is it normal? Don’t forget, that if a broker has problems caused by scamming, we can have problems as well.

  2. NordFX are outright SCAMMERS when it comes to you making profits with them. They have outright STOLEN 2000 Euro of profits Ive made with them.

    I have been trading with them since May 2016 and have become pretty profitable the last 2 months finally with my scalping strategy (which is permitted on all accounts like their website explicitly states).

    Now it was time to withdraw some of my profits since I desperately needed the money I traded so hard for, sitting in front of the screen for 10 hours+ a day for months. When I requested the withdrawal, 10(!) minutes later Ive received this email from them:

    We inform you that your trading accounts 1047186, 1047380, 1070661 and 1070662 were blocked for the client agreement terms violation.
    Initial funds were returned.

    Your sincerely
    NordFx Finance Dept., Sergey,”


    They outright blocked ALL my trading accounts I had with them! I had the Micro, the Standard and all the others since I wanted to try them all out. But Ive requested the withdrawal only from the Standard account, yet they also have closed the Micro which also had money in it but where I didnt trade for a while. I cant get the money out of the micro account either since they have blocked backend access on their website for me completely for ALL accounts:

    “Unfortunately, you can not log in to trader’s cabinet: your account has been blocked”


    All emails I sent them and asking what terms I have violated did stay unanswered – as well as any further communication attempts with them via email or their chat. Its kind of unbelievable that they say I have violated the client agreement, yet dont even mention which part of it (I guess it was the part of “profitable trading is forbidden under any circumstances”). It also adds to their “professionalism” that they dont even mention complete names in their emails, just “Sergey”, so that you cant specifically refer to a person later on or report them to the police.

    So I did some further research and found that they are actually based out of Russia. Yes, the website says Mauritius and what not, but its clearly operated out of Russia if looking at the IPs in their emails where theyve originated from:

    “Received: from windows-8.1.shared ( [])”


    So their “office” (its nothing more than a PO box actually) in Mauritius is nothing less than a simple attempt to hide the fact that they are from Russia. What is even more interesting is that they mention they are registered with FSC Mauritius and are allowed to provide financial services there. A call to the FSC I did today confirmed that they are NOT LICENSED with them NOR ARE ALLOWED TO OFFER FINANCIAL SERVICES in Mauritius! The FSC will start an investigation on their operations right away as they told me.

    So their whole operation they have there is based on a complete fake and outright lies about being registered with the FSC. And on top, if you make profits, they will simply not send them to you and close your accounts instead. Hence I can only HIGHLY recommend to stay away from them under these circumstances. You can rather “donate” your money to some charity organization than to spend it on this fraudulent Russian operation.

    P.S.: After some more googling, it seems I am not the only one, just looking at a few sites reveals what they are really after (YOUR MONEY):,dt_pub_date/iOrderType,desc/pattern,Nordfx

  3. I have been investing with Nordfx for 9 months and they have all that I need to trade. So far, so good forex broker, I have ever found.

  4. I think payment method needs to be update because they are not accepting Payza anymore. I think about 2 months ago they have removed payza from payment methods. Otherwise this broker is reliable and is at the top 5 position. The must add more payment methods like PM, Paypal or Liqpay etc…4 payment methods are not enough for broker.

  5. nordfx is good broker, i registered an account with them few months ago and after verify my account i get $8 no deposit bonus from them which i can use it to test their trading platform
    they have low pips for trading in major currencies, the mt4 platform work well in my slow internet connection
    there are many choices of payment methods and mostly already well known by internet user make this broker friendly to use

  6. i found difficulties verifying my account here… my documents rejected with no explanations, i never get experience of documents reject to any brokers before… i tried to communicate with live support but still got unsatisfaction answer, finally i posted in digitalcashpalace forum and get good response from one of their reptesentative, she asked me to resubmit my documents again to get verified, i appreciate her support but i don’t want to open account there at this moment because this trouble just uncomfort me

  7. In my opinion, This is one of the finest broker. The simplicity is really attractive here. The promo bonuses like No deposit bonus of $8, contests etc are also some unique feature that sounds good for the newbies.

    Spreads are low as well, and the leverage is also very commendable which 1:500, i am not trading with this broker at this moment, but i will be looking forward to work with them in a long term project. I appreciate this broker’s ranking and i suggest it to all the newbies too.

  8. Very good broker with competitive spreads, they allow all EA and scalping, with fast execution. Good customer service which I find to be important.

  9. Nordfx is a good choice for scalpers and EA trading as requote rarely happen and the spread is acceptable. If you want to test this broker you can try the welcome account with $8 no deposit bonus.

  10. Good professional broker with tightest spreads and nice support. Good choice for newbie level.

  11. Forex trading is very hard to do but easy to learn. you get expertise from your trade practices.
    I am learning Forex Trading since 3 months & getting small small benefits initially. Its NordFX Indian support service that is helping me 24 x 7 in learning trades. Now I am getting confidence on my trades.

  12. NordFX services are really good. Its support service in India helps me in all the aspects for maintaining my account.
    Monthly Bonus plan & lowest spread makes my trade easy & beneficial.
    I’ll suggest NordFX for every Forex Trader.

  13. I like this company, i am using them for 5 month. no problems, platform works fine, spreads are enough for me, recommend to everybody.

  14. I think NORDFX this is real broker, they give good services and small spreads (fixed 2 pips on eurusd),
    i use only this pair for trading, so it is enough for me. Last withdrawal $323,
    no problem, just sent all documents for identification. Like their instant execution, recommend to all,
    my friends use it, and no one tell the bad word about NordFX.

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