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  1. I am very happy trading with this broker, it has been amazing since the beginning. I didn’t know too much about investments in forex but with courses and webinars from this broker I could learn a lot. Its reps are very polite and professionals because they always have a solution to my problems.

  2. All easy in instaforex. All registered so easy and just for a minute to get new account. And deposit and withdraw at instaforex indeed very fast! until now I’m satisfied a instaforex service.

  3. I am so satisfied up to now, my trading in the forex market along with InstaForex has been so fruitful. I have earned a lot of money trading as an investor in the PAMM system. This broker also provides me all the tools I need to have a better trading, like a wide range of trading instruments, a very understandable platform, and different bonuses. You should trade with them.

  4. InstaForex Gertrude


    This is Gertrude, one of the official representative of InstaForex.In behalf of InstaForex, we would like to thank you for choosing us as your broker and for giving us a very satisfactory rate. We will continue to provide an excellent service, have a good day 🙂

    InstaForex Gertrude

  5. InstaForex has a very fast execution of trades. Its perfect for scalping. I am using InstaForex for some month and have never had any problems with the execution of trades. In a word, InstaForex excellent broker!

  6. I am really glad trading with this InstaForex. The support service has been working so good and until now, I haven’t had any problems with my trades neither my orders. The service of withdrawal is very fast and totally safe and I have a wide range of options to withdraw or deposit at a low cost or even for free. I have increased my gains and my habilities as a trader thanks to their services and contests, I really recommend this broker and of course I’ll keep with them too.

  7. I used to trade with eToro but it’s so bad. So I moved to Instaforex, I found their ForexCopy Systems is really great and I can earn more by their contest and bonus programs that they offer each week for their clients.

  8. I am very satisfied with InstaForex system and services which are really good for for traders to invest.I do like their withdrawal system which is easy to make request and is fast to process. I can get money right after making request. Their Customer Support always helps help me solve some problems. Moreover, I also practice on their PAMM system to get more profit to my account.

  9. For me, InstaForex is the best broker of the whole fx market. I am so satisfied trading with them because of the quality of their services. Also, I have learned a lot thanks to their different courses and I have improved my skills as a trader and they also provide many bonuses and contest programs which make me more exciting in forex trading.

  10. They work well. their execution is actually pretty good and the spread isn’t that big either, which is decent for scalping. Overall, no problems for me whatsoever.

  11. InstaForex has been a great broker for me and the customer support has always been there to answer any questions I have had. The spreads are some of the best I have seen and no problems with the platform. Many deposit/withdrawal possibilities. In conclusion, I think this broker is very good and recommend to all traders.

  12. I am trading on InstaForex’s platform. Their execution and liquidity are excellent. The support is fast and helpful. Probably the best I have seen for the last 3 years. This is my 4-th broker and I am impressed. Withdrawal is fast too. Nice, I like InstaForex

  13. I like a lot trading with InstaForex because I haven’t had any problems so far thanks to them. They always reply all me emails giving me all the support I need. I have learned and earned a lot of money thanks to their courses and services. For me, the most reliable broker of the market : )

  14. Trading with InstaForex brings me profit and satisfaction. There are no major problems at all. I think it is a moment for me to change my local broker because of last NFA initiatives. I was monitoring InstaForex for last few months and even opened an account. I have good experience with them and looking forward to continue.

  15. I am dealing in large lots and am a professional trader for 8 years. I have no problem with InstaForex as requotes are few, execution is good and they still offer me high leverage when I am trading. You can try them yourself and see they are fine. Therefore, I will keep up with their service.

  16. I have had a trading account with Instaforex for a couple of months now but only just funded and started trading. I am impressed with the spreads. The executive time is great and I am currently in positive territory. They have good funding options and excellent customer support. I am happy with this broker – InstaForex.

  17. I used to trade with IronFX but It’s not work. So, I decide to open an account with Instaforex. I think It’s a good service for me after I try to use demo account. Now I got 10$ just from click like Instaforex thai fanpage.

  18. After examine many forex brokers I am confident in spreads and execution of orders with InstaForex. It’s good to go in and out of orders with no minimum. Right on the money here, this broker has the best spreads that are fixed. I can’t find better overall broker in one place, takes credit cards, metatrader platform and good service

  19. I only had one issue and that was when they were verifying my documents, they were a bit strict and I think that is a good sign, when my documents are good and my account was verified I was on my way and never had any major issues since then. Execution is good and its getting better since I first joined them, never had problem with withdrawal and deposits, I must say Instaforex is really a good broker.

  20. I always can set up my orders with out delay and also the Instaforex customer service is always on line to answer my questions, even in skype! I am so satisfifed with all the services of this broker and I’ll keep trading with them absolutely

  21. I trade with a few brokers and I can’t complain about InstaForex. So far it’s been nearly 4 months and I’m satisfied. I would recommend to others if you’re looking for reliable and good service. I also have a demo account for 2 weeks and now open a real account. So far it’s been great and I have never done this before.

  22. In InstaForex, I deposited my money on a regular basis and withdraw when needed. But it never happened that I encountered problems while withdrawing money. They always provide me with a reasonable time frame and get back to me with a positive response.

  23. Being a new trader, I am amazed at the support team at instaForex is providing to me. It’s nice to be able to start small and trade upwards as my skill level progresses. Therefore, this is a great forex broker because they have fast withdraw, good platform, nice support team, and reliable company

  24. I had made a lot of money before but withdrawing it led to problems with bad brokers. Now I’ve been at InstaForex for one year and I’m regaining trust in the market through the broker. Flexibility in trading on the go is the most important factor to me, behind reliability that is.

  25. I have chosen InstaForex broker because of its trading conditional on ECN accounts. Among another brokers I think it’s one of the best. I liked that first deposit is not so big, comfortable leverage and this broker is convenient for me.

  26. Before Instaforex, I used to trade with IronFX but it’s bad. So, I moved to trade with Instaforex for 2 years. I can honestly say that Instaforex to me seems like a great company! I call and get someone every time, someone always eager to help with a situation, someone to explain something. I always get my issue solved right away.

  27. I have experienced excellent comunications before, during, and after opening a live account. Spreads are good. Great bunch of people, very helpful, friendly, and enthusiastic. Fast execution both in and out, stable and reliable server, upfront and honest. I am very satisfied. Five star.

  28. The trading platform at InstaForex is well designed and easy to navigate. InstaForex has user friendly interface and I only charge fixed low spreads. They are nice in offering rebates on my spreads based on my trading volume. Thus, trading at InstaForex is a good way to earn extra money.

  29. I have traded with InstaForex both on a demo account and on a live account. The demo account offers the same price feed as the demo account. All in all, their Asian speaking team was friendly, and always was checking in with me, and was ready to offer me a bonus nearly every time I wanted to make a deposit. In addition, they offer exceptional service, and a variety of trading platforms. InstaForex really has an excellent customer service.

  30. I was impressive with their excellent systems. I do not worry much when trading with InstaForex. I have got much trading experience from their ForexCopy system. I like their minimum deposit with $1 and up to now I have made a lot of profits more than $500.

  31. I have been through almost everybody and I haven’t been happy until I found InstaForex. I like their service, the website and the platform work fine for me. I like discussing the latest market trends with my fiends on MT5. In addition, their proprietary platform is good, and comprehensive webinar to cover training of platform usage

  32. The economic calendar available at InstaForex provides forex traders with different types of data from all across the world. This data is useful to the traders as there are certain markets like the US, Europe and Asian market that truly govern the game plan in forex. Additionally, the withdrawals have been quick, and trade executions are instant. InstaForex has no slippage, instant executions, and excellent spreads

  33. I really like their tools and their mobile trading platform. It has a lot of instrument. It allows me to get the trades in quickly and view them logically. Besides this, their support team super fast in response. So I’m giving them 5 stars.

  34. I do think InstaForex is without risk. Its honesty is unmatched. InstaForex has excellent and fast orders, good support. In addition, the executions are fast, stop losses work good. I am highly satisfied with InstaForex, their services are right up there exceeding the best of others.

  35. I have a live trading account with InstaForex since May 2011. My EAs made over 3000 trades of all sorts so far – all being perfectly executed. They offer the lowest spreads and competitive commission rate. In my opinion, they are the best broker that I have ever traded in forex.

  36. My experience with insta is a very good good broker. I trade mostly news and am amazed by the small slippage I’m getting on relative terms. I am trading news with many brokers including FBS, XM, Roboforex, oanda, etc but on average my slippage with Insta is much smaller which means that my profits are much bigger. I have made couple of withdrawals so far, with Skrill, and they all are processed very fast.

  37. I am totally sure that InstaForex will give you all the knowledge you need to success in the forex market as it gave me through their ForexCopy and PAMM systems. This broker has helped to understand the forex market better with their techical analysis, etc.

  38. Insta is my favorite broker. Comfortable trading conditions with bonus program, auto deposit and for withdraw only takes a hour the money directly into my liberty reserve account. 2 thumbs up.

    Editor note: Review from InstaForex representative/affiliate.

  39. InstaForex provide lots of contests, campaigns, bonuses, systems, etc to their c;ients, which are not only interesting and useful. Now I have been trading with Instaforex club and I received even more benefits such as to participate in contests which raffless a luxury car and obtain special bonus points for every replenishment.

    Editor note: Review from InstaForex representative/affiliate.

  40. InstaForex is a reliable broker where i could invest my money in confidence. It has good and profitable systems for traders, both newbies and professionals. For example, from time to time I invest on PAMM accounts with a manager trader of my choice. This system gave me good earnings so far.

  41. I had accounts at 8 major brokers (and cancelled 4 so far) and I must say InstaForex is one of the best out there in terms of customer service, execution, fill and delay of orders. I’d really like to see folks clarify their negative reviews by providing more details since I plan to ECN accounts with InstaForex.

    Editor note: Review from InstaForex representative/affiliate.

  42. InstaForex is a good broker, they have no re-quote, good quality and quick support response. I never had good experience like with InstaForex. Before writing uncalculated things, think about. I absolutely suggest to everybody to open account with InstaForex and trade with them. Traders will be satisfied from their services, like me, and leave a positive review. They actually deserve it.

    Editor note: Review from InstaForex representative/affiliate.

  43. Good broker for binary options. Even you can pratice in a demo account with binary options with the same conditions as in a real trading account. Then, every time I can, I participate in one million options contest, because it’s a great opportunity to earn money for my account and acquire experience.

  44. I was little bit nervous at first until they processed my first withdrawal. The execution is good. 4 month now and I have not yet encountered re-quotes. Also, their support and customer service is far better than others I have encountered thus far. I am satisfied the trading circumstances here.

    Editor note: Review from InstaForex representative/affiliate.

  45. I think InstaForex is a great help for beginners in Forex market. I was one of them a long time ago and with InstaForex, it was easy to learn many aspects of forex market. Courses and seminars by InstaForex are well designed and, in case of any doubt, customer service is ready to help in any time.

    Editor note: Review from InstaForex representative/affiliate.

  46. I am very happy trading with the broker InstaForex because I have received very good and profitable earnings trading in their PAMM system as an inversor. Also, their trading platform is very dynamic and easy to use. I haven’t had any problems with my deals nor my deposits. I strong you recommend this broker =)

    Editor note: Review from InstaForex representative/affiliate.

  47. Instaforex is a good broker. They offer good platform and they also have a very good staff. They will teach you or will guide you everytime you ask for their help.

    Editor note: Review from InstaForex representative/affiliate.

  48. I am quite impressive with InstaForex. This broker is totally great. My trading is even better than before. There are a lot of important information in website and educational material to start my trades. In fact, they always update their website and I receive a weekly report in my email every day. Services and bonuses are of high quality. I don’t have any complaint about InstaForex.

    Editor note: Review from InstaForex representative/affiliate.

  49. One of the best service that Instaforex has is their ForexCopy Option, because it can allow you to see and copy the trades of their professional traders. Love using Instaforex because they have good service and many program to new trader!!

  50. I have no negative comments for InstaForex. In fact, all my experience with this broker is totally positive. They really care about their clients, I know because InstaForex taught me how to trade by its courses, conferences and all material provided in its website and forums on Internet. InstaForex’s leverage is flexible, so I can adjust to my strategy. I can withdraw my profits without problems and in a short-time of period. That’s why I recommend this broker a lot.

    Editor note: Review from InstaForex representative/affiliate.

  51. I only have good comments about InstaForex. My earnings are increasing a lot and that’s made me feel happy because I got extra funds for any emergency. Also, I think they have the best conditions of market and multiple tips to help me how to set my orders and positions. I really enjoy my trading with InstaForex.

    Editor note: Review from InstaForex representative/affiliate.

  52. All the services of InstaForex are great! I haven’t had any problems with them so far. On the contrary, I have made a lot of money with the ForexCopy system, this service allow me to copy deals of successful traders, monitor their movements, gain profits and withdraw without any problem! Everything is much easier with InstaForex =)

    Editor note: Review from InstaForex representative/affiliate.

  53. Would recommend them for many reasons. Nice option of trading platforms, metatrader, web trader and mobile. Their spreads are very competitive, execution is instant, no delays like with other brokers. They have many options for deposits by credit card, paypal, moneybookers. Support has been fast and excellent so far.
    Editor note: Review from InstaForex representative/affiliate.

  54. I have traded with a lot of brokers but InstaForex is my favorite. This broker has met all my expectations and I am having a good trading with them. Their PAMM system is so profitable, I have earned a lot of money trading as an inversor. Also, their website is always updated with all the relevant information about the forex market. I am very happy with Instaforex and of course I will keep trading with them.

    Editor note: Review from InstaForex representative/affiliate.

  55. I only say that InstaForex provides many services and benefits for a successful trading. In my case, I could earn good profits because it has a lot of information in its website, where I learnt a lot about currency market. I recommend everybody to join InstaForex Club, because you will have preferred terms to participate in its contests and campaigns and increase the amount of requested bonus by 10%. All with InstaForex are benefits.

  56. I consider InstaForex as the best broker worldwide. Working with InstaForex is easy and they give you many benefits and advantages when you open an account with this broker. Firstly, I can choose the type of account I want according to my preferences. Then, there is a wide range of bonuses to choose and increment your deposits to trade more in forex market. Secondly, I could find a lot of information for newbies and professionals and several tips of trading. Finally, customer service is great and help me in every concern I have. I couldn’t choose another broker. I have all what i want with InstaForex.

  57. From the first moment, I realized that InstaForex is a serious and reliable broker which you can trust on. They offer all the necessary to start your trading to a good start such as courses, trading tools, graphics and forecasts. Also, they have a lot of methods to deposit and withdrawal, even a prepaid card of InstaForex, so my withdraws are quick. I hope to keep on trading with this broker!
    Editor note: Review from InstaForex representative/affiliate.

  58. I had no bad experiences with InstaForex. I’ve withdraw my earning when I needed them. My deposits are almost instantly and I have many options to made them. MT4 platform is easy to use and until now, I could to set my orders and positions without limits. Also, InstaForex has a lot of servers for its platform worlwide, so I can trade with a lot of security.
    Editor note: Review from InstaForex representative/affiliate.

  59. Their security level is so high and I like this. Moreover I didn’t faced any requote problem here. Good support! A lot of bonuses! I received my first bonus less than 15 minutes. So, Definitely I will recommend this broker to everyone.

  60. InstaForex is a good broker to join and for making money place. No any forex forums that could serve the traders with a lot of trading facilities, both fundamental and technical analysis. It is recommended place for traders around the world.

    Editor note: Review from InstaForex representative/affiliate.

  61. I like InstaForex’s bonus and contests because I can earn more. Their support is really professional, they always immediately reply any my questions. Deposit and withdrawal system is fast and easy.
    Editor note: Review from InstaForex representative/affiliate.

  62. My experience with InstaForex has been profitable in many ways. InstaForex is an excellent broker which provides me all necessary to carry out my daily trading without frustrations or fears. They give you the best tools to face Forex market, such as daily analysis and forecasts about major currency pairs, an easy platform with many servers for your trading, good line of bonuses to increase your deposit and many options to withdraw your earnings in your client cabinet. Personally, my client cabinet is very helpful, I can see all information about my logins, trades, withdrawals and deposits and so on. Besides, I can use Webtrader, a software which allows you to trade in a web browser. InstaForex simplifies your trading and makes me feel secure of what i’m doing.
    Editor note: Review from InstaForex representative/affiliate.

  63. InstaForex is one of the best broker online in Asia. Their trading platform is very stable and they have a good charting software. I’m greatly satisfied with their trading service and conditions.
    Editor note: Review from InstaForex representative/affiliate.

  64. This broker is really professional. PAMM system is good and stable; It is easy to create account and make deposit, fast withdrawal. I am satisfied with their bonus and contest, I can get more profit. I am impressive their Customer Support which is friendly and help me solve my problems. You should try out this broker.
    Editor note: Review from InstaForex representative/affiliate.

  65. In my opinion, this is a good broker with a wide range of services and bonuses available for everybody. I started to work with InstaForex since i was a newbie in a demo account. Then, when I felt I was enough prepared, i opened my real account of trading with a minimum investment. From that moment, not only my trading has improved but my earnings too. It’s easy to work with this broker. They guide you with all information they post daily in their website, such as forecasts, analysis of currencies, graphics and economic news. They really deserves the fame they have. I hope to keep on working with InstaForex for a long time.
    Editor note: Review from InstaForex representative/affiliate.

  66. I am impressive that InstaForex always update to provide traders best Services. Their Deposit and Withdrawal system is fast and easy. It is easy to create a demo account and practice. Many bonus and contents are launched. PAMM system is really good. They also have detail analysis for traders. These amke InstaForex a good broker.

    Editor note: Review from InstaForex representative/affiliate.

  67. Very good customer service I would say. They are unique in what they do and maintain a good relationship with customers. I am having a wonderful trade experience with instaforex and learned lot about trading. I would recommend this brokerage firm to perform high level quality trading experience.
    Editor note: Review from InstaForex representative/affiliate.

  68. Instaforex is good…..I had good trading experience with them. I also traded with Forex Control and liked them as well. They have very good charts and analysis for all NSE, BSE, indices in Nifty and FX. I started trading with them as low as USD 500.Their registration process is simple and quick.

    Editor note: Review from InstaForex representative/affiliate.

  69. With this broker, my trading has improved considerably. They always are ready to help you in all your doubts by email, phone or live chat, which is great because in this market all must be fast. Contests and campaigns are great to shape your trading and to earn real money, gadgets or a new car!Also, there are many ways to deposit and withdrawal without any problem, all depends on your needs. I totally recommend it.

    Editor note: Review from InstaForex representative/affiliate.

  70. I’m very happy to finally have found a reliable and honest broker like InstaForex. With them, I could to perfect my trading style and generate more profits. They always offer new services and improve the existing ones and keep me updated about news on forex market through InstaForex TV. And now with Autochartist, i simplify my trading process. They always care about their clients and that’s why they are on top.
    Editor note: Review from InstaForex representative/affiliate.

  71. All what I’ve read in this article is true. I’m very pleased with instaforex. It’s reliable, honest and really cares about its clients. Of course I’ve tried other firms but Instaforex offers more than others. Here, i’ve found a lot of information about forex market and good trading tools, conditions and services. I’ve never faced any problem with my withdrawals or deposit. Everything is always on time. As i’m in Instaforex club, i enjoy more benefits when i participate in its contests, campaigns and even in the program of bonuses, i always get more percentage to increase my money. Without the slightest doubt, I keep on trading with instaforex!
    Editor note: Review from InstaForex representative/affiliate.

  72. I’ve tried others brokers but I definitely stay with InstaForex. I like the numerous services they offer constantly and it’s true they are the best because they have been awarded with many prizes. I have an account free of swap, so i leave my deals from one night to another and no fees are charged. When I started to trade in forex market, their courses for beginners helped me a lot and if i have any doubt or concern, their customer service solve all of them by email, phone or live chat, which is great. That’s why I trust on them.
    Editor note: Review from InstaForex representative/affiliate.

  73. So far, it’s the best broker what i’ve ever used. They have a very good spreads and one of the best customer services. Not a single issue to report up to date. Best service with quick response on any question. It is a pleasure to do business with them. I recommend all traders to use this broker.
    Editor note: Review from InstaForex representative/affiliate.

  74. Editor note: Review from InstaForex representative/affiliate.

  75. Editor note: Review from InstaForex representative/affiliate.

  76. instaforex is the one broker that i still trade with them since 3 years ago… all of my traders friends averagely having an accounts in instaforex… but when LR Down some of friends who used LR for deposit experienced delay on withdrawal, i use local deposit so i don’t have any problem with that, my withdrawal always processed smoothly, they have copy trading system and i like to use it because of easy and simple, even their spreads 3 pips for major currencies which already old fashioned but i already comfortable trading with them

  77. i do not have any bad experience with instaforex, in fact i must admit that instaforex is the finest broker that offering great feature rather than others, complete feature of forex technology makes me amaze and rate them as best broker, the lack trading here is spread rather high compare with new brokers, 3 pips for major in instaforex when alot of other brokers offering only 2 or 1 pip…

  78. Scam broker; their profile on the Forex Peace Army says everything. That they’re using the LR closure to justify pilfering half of all deposits made via that avenue is unforgivable.

  79. InstaForex deposit heavily depend on Liberty Reserve, that is why it was suffer after LR has gone. 6 months restricted from withdrawal and after that, steal 50% amount deposit, that is the worst!

  80. Spammer for InstaForex. Removed.

  81. Spammer for InstaForex. Removed.

  82. submitted by InstaForex Staff. Removed.

  83. self-promotion! Review removed.

  84. Andres Forex Trader

    For me, InstaForex has one of the lowest deposit size in the Forex Industry. InstaForex gives the clients on their flexibility on their traders and if you plan to trade with them, you can choose any leverage from 1:1 up to 1:1000 depending on the risk management system you use when trading.

  85. InstaForex offers a unique service to their clients such as opening of segregated accounts, providing protection of the client’s capital from risk of any force-major situations, connected with the company’s activity.

  86. Reviews from the same IP address of InstaForex representative. Review removed.

  87. They are my personal favorite broker, only rare problems and if there is, they will solve it very fast. Their software is really good and I really like their service and the spreads are really tight. Good job InstaForex 🙂

  88. Reviews from the same IP address of InstaForex representative. Review removed.

  89. I’m fully satisfied with insta. I love their pamm and forex-copy systems. Also I like their quick money withdrawal system. Spreads are ok and no requotes. Of course I glad to get +30% each time I make deposit. I think that Instaforex is very reliable broker, I don’t worry about my money.

  90. I considered InstaForex to be better than a bunch of Forex Brokers that has a lot of issues related to their activity. InstaForex offers a cent and dollar standard account for you to train yourself or in case you do not want to risk a big amount of money.

  91. Reviews from the same IP address of InstaForex representative. Review removed.

  92. Reviews from the same IP address of InstaForex representative. Review removed.

  93. Please be informed that when you faced a problem like that you should immediately contact the Support Service because complaining on forums is not the best way to solve such a serious issue.

    As for trading accounts, they are not allowed to withdraw any method, but since the partner’s accounts are only deposited with the commissions of their referrals, there is an exception for this type of accounts and they may use different payment processors and banking details.

    You can protect your account from unauthorized withdrawals by SMS security – you can activate this option in your Client Cabinet.

    The logs of the Client Cabinet access are available in your cabinet – this way you can check if someone else accessed your account.

    And of course, we will pass your worries and suggestion to our management, so they could find a way to make your work with InstaForex even more secure.

    • If the problem solved then I did not post here! When it happen I immediately contact support but I really disappointed with how it’s turn out, bad service as I can say! I’m out and move on, no longer my problem!

  94. Till now, i am quite satisfied with Insta. They have lots of contests where every one can take participate and prize money is also very good. Also they have lots of other offers like social network offers and much more. These all are very attractive features and that’s the reason they have 50k+ likes in their FB page.

    Till now, i dont have any regret about using their trading client. I will recommend everyone to give this a try. Starting from leverage (Upto 1:1000) everything is just awesome for newbies.

  95. I’m really disappointed with InstaForex support for partner and their security!

    About 15 days ago there have a withdraw from my partner account which I did not authorized! Instantly I report it to get my money back and they can look into it. They replied and said that they will look into the issue, yes, I’m glad.

    And then, 11 days later, no money back to my account, no reply from them! I contact them again to see how it work. They reply that it’s impossible to get the money back!

    Can you believe it? Usually it took 5 days or 1 week for the withdraw being processed, there have much time for them to denied withdraw request of that scammer but they did not make it!

    Be aware everyone!!! You has been warmed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. I’ve heard that they have many servers to handle the orders but loss connection and requote still happen all the time! Such as today, even login is a hard process!

  97. all poeple here..
    this broker scam
    i hv losse money in instaforex….
    my mt4 i turn robot to….
    but my mt4 still trading….not pending orde o else…but in secon still trading..
    but in my jurnal…since i turn on before turn off, in my jurnal mt4..not see result my trading sell/buy…

    until i turn off.i see with my investor ,not live trading still trading…
    then i turn on, what happen??? my robot turn off. stil trading…but in jurnnal mt4 not see reslt buy/sell


  98. Instaforex is good…..I had good trading experience with them. I also traded with Forex Control and liked them as well. They have very good charts and analysis for all NSE, BSE, indices in Nifty and FX. I started trading with them as low as USD 500 and I got upto 1 PIP. Their registration process is simple and quick.

  99. I hear a lot about this broker but I dont need bonus I need rebate. My friend told me that a new broker will give me $5 per lot that I trade. I will trade with them as soon as they start

    • I think you must ask your friend again. I checked out the link that you provide but that broker has not available yet. Honestly, new broker is not really recommended unless you want to test it. Good luck 😉

  100. Hello,

    I am using your demo version of GCI MT4.

    I am already have one demat A/C to trade stocks and F&O in NSE.

    I am living in Ahmedabad, Gujrat, India.

    Can any one tell me how can I get live stock quotes with online charts service include NSE Future and Options?

    How do I can get live charts of NSE stocks and F&O? and what are the chaarges?

    Thanks in advance

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