Tuesday , September 26 2017
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  1. Anyone encounter SL problem with FXPRIMUS ?
    Recently I set a SL & it hit more than my SL… 50 pips more

  2. I like to trade at night when I get home from work. I find Fx Primus customer service excellent and their no hassle investment methods are helpful. I am pleased so far.

  3. I am pleased with my experience at Fxprimus. I invest and sometime I make money, sometimes I don’t. I don’t blame them when I loose money 🙂 Fast order execution and good customer support.

  4. It maybe a medium sized broker with just a few years of experience but they mean business in such a competitive market.

    I was introduced to Fxprimus by a friend. Good customer service with solid education system lead by their Singaporean Director Mario Sant Singh. Kudos!

  5. Been trading for only half a year. Quite a reliable broker as I can count of them when I contact them whenever I have problems with my trade.

  6. One of the most popular and reliable broker in the Asia Pacific now thank to to their brand ambassador and Director of Education Mario Sant Singh!

  7. The reasons why I chose FXPRIMUS:

    1. fast execution, minimum or no slippage
    2. reliable support team
    3. minimum deposit (as I’m a small trader)
    4. the presence of the broker in my country
    5. social media presence (with no rubbish posts)
    6. most importantly it doesn’t trade against me!

    These are just a few points that are important to me.I think FXPRIMUS has what other brokers don’t offer – educational approach, something like Babypis. You don’t want a broker that can’t wait to make you spend on them, you want a broker that spend their time and effort on you first before you are ready to start trading.

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