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FXOpen: ForexCup Trading Contest Bonus

Source: FXOpen: ForexCup Trading Contest Bonus.

On: demo account.ForexCup

Contest period: weekly/ monthly.

Available to: all clients.

To participate: register at

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To win: get highest profit and satisfied contest rules.

Prizes: differ from contest to contest.

Withdraw conditions: available for withdraw, conditions and limitations may differ from contest to contest.

more about FXOpen Broker.

One comment

  1. Speaking from experience, and having terminated my employment with this company because of the scams they use against their clients, I wouldn’t wish others to fall into the same trap as others have done in the past.

    Their ForexCup “contests” atre designed as a trap to scam clients in the future.

    Even one of their employees called Resolve warns his friends on another forum not to join them, how’s that for a scam. His friends know him better as nsawork think it’s short for “nasty work”.

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