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  1. I started trading with FxGlory since 2014.Actually,my forex trading career began around 2006 on the platform of marketiva. I was frustrated by their platform and other factors and then decided to stop trading for some years.Friends encouraged me around 2013 to start trading again and I consented. It however became necessary for me to use an MT4 broker that also accepts paypal.That was when my friends introduced me to FxGlory in 2014. The document verification was not easy but I completed my registration successfully.
    As an experienced trader,I needed not to be told to carefully read through the terms and conditions involved in every transactions.Majorly, three things are very important to me;no slippages,good customer support and due payment of withdrawal requests.I quickly tested FxGlory on these three and they impressed me.I usually get my withdrawal requests completely processed in about 2 to 3 hours because I use paypal.
    What I like most is their consistent improvement by the days just between 2014 and today.
    As I write today, my account is in good conditions and it is just hard for me to consider other broker.

  2. Would give 4.5 / 5 without a doubt. 5 is for perfection but no1 gets it as nobody is perfect. )))

    keep it up guys, I am starting liking you day by day even though my trust was not that great from beginning. 😉

  3. 5 stars from 5 because they are good i never use leverage of 1:3000 because i think it is risky so as i had enough money to trade i did not care much about it. Although i lost several times, whenever i requested for withdrawing my money and the profit that i got , i received it less than 5 hours generally some times even 1 hour for me it is so fast as my experiance with working by other brokers , I am using free VPS that makes me glad, i need it for my trading

  4. Be careful. Scalpers MUST hold their orders open for a minimum of 5 minutes. They removed alot of money from my account stating the orders were not open for the 5 minutes.

  5. FXGlory is nice broker with best cabinet layout and fast deposit and withdrawal process. good job

  6. I have not much experience with brokers but fxglory isn’t my first broker, what i want to say is that, they are fast even when i registered they called me and ask if i had any question to help me, it was pleasure for me and about the withdraw it was done less then 3 hours 🙂

  7. Excellent Traders, I have been with them for over a year now and not a single issue. deposit/withdraw happens in time, speed is quit good, all I would advice them is to allow scalping as there are many of us playing with a small amount of money so….

    other ways 10/10 from me.keep it up guys

  8. What was excellent for me in this broker is their fix spread, for me this is the most important thing in trading for me that i understand the spread of the pair i am trading does not change, also i did not know that i can use the leverage of 3000 with my balance which was 500$ and this i am indepted of their support team that let me know this in the live chat .

  9. Each broker has as positive as negative posts, of course there cant be same opinion about it. I’m glad anyway you can earn profit with fxglory as they have high leverage and bonus which supports your margin 🙂

  10. There are many good feedback and I know for sure they have live account as good as demo. 🙂

  11. I trade there almost 2 years. I can withdraw my profit anytime. they dont allow scalping so if you follow the rules no prob.

  12. These guys are great. the most flexible conditions for traders. instant execution, high leverage, fast support. Good choice if you want to enjoy with your trades.

  13. Hi
    Have not deposited any money yet but probably will use this broker if things work out with demo account…but will be small amount…about the same amount I would blow on gaming or Friday night drunk… Will let you know how they work over the next few months

    • I have a big experience with fxglory, and i’m telling you that you can trade there with even 1$. they provide really good services. Besides, they support clients for 24 hours a day.

  14. FxGlory is really SCAM because if you make profit, they invent excuses for not pay. For example Fxglory stole me 25000$ because they disabled my account with the excuse I made the deposit with Liberty Reserve that now not exist more. The truth is that I made the deposit with Liberty Reserve on the 06/13/2012 and on 06/20/2012 so they have taken my money and put it in their bank more then 1 year ago, when Liberty Reserve was good!!! I gained my balance with the trades with deals in the market!!! I have the screen shot of the deposit with Liberty Reserve, and all their mails for the Daily Confirmation of all my ‘Closed Transactions’ and ‘Open Trades’!!!

    • The admin have given you the honest reply. Liberty Reserve is dead. I have been trading with FxGlory for 3 years now without troubles.

  15. With low investments and low deposit amount, it makes very convenient experience for the newbie traders. Though they lack in any attracting offers rather than the leverage, but i think it has the potential to become a good broker. Also they seemed to be regulated broker, so at least there is no need to worry about our funds with this broker.

  16. One of the highest leverage provider. I think the high leverage is just to attract the new clients as they will be more benefited from such high leverage as the minimum to invest is also very low. The other interesting point here is the Paypal. They accept paypal, that’s the reason why i am loving this broker.

    Till now i dint find any other problems except the poor customer support. Its like a headache to communicate with them when we face any problem. And their verification process is too complicated, we have to verify our phone number, for that verification, they will send an sms to the number, but i never got any Sms, they don’t even call us for verification too. so that’s what made me suffer here. Otherwise they have everything that a perfect broker should have except some contests.

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