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FreshForex: Great Trading Contest

Join the fight for the opportunity to win the BMW X6 M! From February 15, 2016 to April 9, 2017 take part in the Win the car BMW X6 M from FreshForex!“Great Trading Contest”. Enjoy the pleasure of driving your BMW 6X M!

Duration: February 25, 2016 – April 9, 2017.

Duration of the contest’s stages:

1st stage 15.02.2016 – 13.03.2016
2nd stage 14.03.2016 – 10.04.2016
3rd stage 11.04.2016 – 08.05.2016
4th stage 09.05.2016 – 05.06.2016
5th stage 06.06.2016 – 03.07.2016
6th stage 04.07.2016 – 31.07.2016
7th stage 01.08.2016 – 28.08.2016
8th stage 29.08.2016 – 25.09.2016
9th stage 26.09.2016 – 23.10.2016
10th stage 24.10.2016 – 20.11.2016
11th stage 21.11.2016 – 18.12.2016
12th stage 19.12.2016 – 15.01.2017
13th stage 16.01.2017 – 12.02.2017
14th stage 13.02.2017 – 12.03.2017
15th stage 13.03.2017 – 09.04.2017

To participate:

  • Verify personal data;
  • Click the button “Take part”;
  • Choose a currency of a participating account and set up a nickname, which will be shown in the rating of participants;
  • Fund a contest account with any amount from $100.

Take Part

Contest’s Terms:

  • Register several participating accounts to increase chances for victory;
  • Use automatic trading systems (“Expert Advisors”);
  • Deposit additional funds into account;
  • Take part in several stages of the competition.
  • Withdraw or transfer funds from the participating account until results of the contest are summed up;
  • Lock positions on accounts of one or several affiliated parties to receive gain on one or several accounts due to loss on other accounts.


  • The prize fund of the contest is $3 000 to 10 winners each round.
  • The prize amount cannot exceed own capital of the contest account by more than 5 times.

Withdrawal condition:

  • The prize amount is added to “Credit” column and cannot be withdrawn. All profits, got from the prize amount is available for withdrawal without any restrictions;
  • In the case of any withdrawals from the account including internal transfer, the prize will be removed from the account.
Super prize drawing of the “Great Trading Contest”: Each participant, who took the places from 1st to 5th at the stage in the contest, is assigned a unique number, which gives the right to participate in the drawing of the super prize.

Source: FreshForex – Great Trading Contest

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