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Would you quit trading for your career

It depends on which one is giving me more profit and air to breathe. Currently, I am finding forex trading very beneficial, so maybe I will stick with it. I would prefer to make it a full-time job after I gain more confidence.
I guess not. I have recently started being consistent at making money and I don’t want to leave this opportunity. I would rather find a new job that I can do along with trading.
If the investment is not properly borne, then trading will be the second source of income for you. First of all the investment has to be carried properly.
Maybe! It depends on what kind of trader you become. I wouldn’t either leave my job or recommend anyone since the market is infamous for its risky behaviour. However, I can consider taking it a full-time career once I become a consistent trader.
If you want to do career trading, you have to create such mindset. Money management and risk management. Which will help you to be successful in trading.
The trader who makes a consistent profit sometimes does not leave the Forex market. But to acquire knowledge here you have to work hard.
There is no question of quitting my regular job for trading. I am an EA trader, and I hardly spend time on trading sitting in front of my laptop screen. It saves a lot of time and effort and moreover does not hamper my routine.
One important difference between trading and going to the casino is that when you go out to gamble, you have a negative expected return. In other words, the house is always expected to win over the long run, on average. Trading , however, if done skillfully and artfully, can put you in the position of the house.
New traders always look for an entry. They sit before the charts throughout the day. Indeed, even there are a few traders who can not rest legitimately around evening time. It is terrible. Settle maybe a couple trading sessions and inquiry entry in those sessions in higher time periods.
Considering forex as your full-time career is risky. I don’t see myself quitting my job for forex. However, it is an interesting thought, but it depends on what kind of forex trader I turn out to be. Your skills complement the choices you make. Let’s hope for the best!