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which leverage best for newcomers ?

i think any kind of beginners level trader should not trade with leverage , because its huge risky approach , but beginners always try to bring good amount of profit by leverage.
Leverage falls into a good offer from the broker. If I trade with good deposits, I need to use 1:50 leverage. This will protect my account. Leverage will prevent me from overtrading. But if I trade with a small deposit. But I have to select more leverage. Because if I select low leverage with a small deposit, it will be very difficult for me to trade.
In Fx trading , leverage is useful for trader , especially if trader start with small balance hence with leverage it will giving opportunity to making transaction on Fx market , now some broker offer high leverage until 1:1000 but so far I am only use leverage 1:400 as maximum.
I think newbie can use account micro FXOpen and use low leverage like as 1:200 or 1:400, account micro has smallest contract size and can start to learn with lower risk because use cent account
Not just newbie everyone should use less leverage. As the more leverage you use, the risker it becomes. You can use 1:50 to 1:300 depending on your capital size.
For newbiews, I believe 1:50 leverage is enough. They can increase gradually with the increase in their knowledge and experience.

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