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What do you do to recover lose?

You have to find out what you are lacking. Without knowing the lacking, it is not possible to find the solution. For Naked trading, knowledge of candlestick is very important. You can do another thing, choose a single pair, start observing it. You will find some unique characteristics of that pair. By this way you can increase the number of pairs.
if we cant take losses as a regular part it will be a great problem , because loss is a thing that we the traders of course have to face because its a very common thing .
Loss is normal is forex trading. If you know your risk reward ratio, you do not need to do anything extra to recover. Getting desperate to recover loss make us vulnerable to our emotions. And we take wrong decision.
If you have skills you know how to recover it. Never open a trade untill your system gives 100% signal. Do not open revenge trade to recover the loss quickly. Find out your risk reward ratio and winning percentage. Then stick to it.

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