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Last week ended on a massive high. I set up for five trades, none of which triggered until Friday's employment data. I originally scheduled to trade Canadian employment data, as this is hot. This time it came out with the highly anticipated US Non-Farm payrolls data. I decided Canadian data risked being overshadowed by the US data, so I put my money on the US data instead. What a result, we saw a massive shock to the market from NFP, with the US losing 730k more jobs than expected. Price action was fantastic, and I ended my week with a load more pips banked.

See the after trade video
Look at the price action on the charts here https://calendarapi.galaxysoftwarei...S0wNS0wNyUyMDEyOjMwOjAwLjA7cz1VU0RKUFk7cj1NMQ

A great start to the month, putting me in an excellent position to increase my risk appetite. If the markets give us just one surprises, it's all I need to keep my income coming solely from Forex. A good reminder to choose your trades carefully. Don't take a risk unless you are sure the outcome will be successful. Most importantly, be patient and hold your nerve. It can be frustrating when you don't see any trades, but it is better to wait and see a few successful trades instead of a load of trades where most of the outcomes result in your hard-earned cash go down the drain.
This week I will pick just three trades to put my money on. Here's the list of which ones: -

12/05/2021 13:30:00 USA's Core CPI m/m
12/05/2021 15:30:00 USA's Crude Oil Inventories
13/05/2021 20:00:00 Mexian's interest Rate

I'm looking for new information in real-time. As the markets change, so will my planned trades. If you don't see a trading plan posted before the trade, I'll let you know why I decided not to trade it, vice versa; if new opportunities come up, I'll post my plan as far in advance as possible, so keep watching this space for updates. I work in real-time so do my plans.

Please feel free to ask questions.
Good luck this week.
James Thatcher