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Types of Forex Trading

high leverage means high risk , its not true exactly, if there is any risk it is complete with nonsense planning or zero risk management, nothing without it.
In Forex trading for leading a secure and profitable trading life we the traders have to choose in regulated trading broker which guarantee their client’s funds at any deposit with a wide range of trading technologies.
beginners not willing to serious in demo , no emotions and real money in here for that , so they can participate in demo trading contest. its minimum better than as usual trading
Successful trader is a big deal in Fx because so many traders are loser. By the way any successful trader doesn’t depend on high luck . he always trade with his most powerful analyzing trading knowledge with great discipline and brings profit with certainly almost every trade.
Leaning from own trading mistake is the best practice! But, we should try to complete our main learning process in the beginning stage of trading!
If you want to trade, you have to learn first. Trading is a very risky business. And to survive in this risky business, you have to maintain proper money management and risk rewards. First, you have to learn trading then you have to trade by maintaining discipline.
Forex is a risky business. You can't be risk free here. This is the reason there is something called risk management. By managing your risk you can make good profit. To be expert in risk management you need to study a lot.
In the forex market there are two types of analysis you can use: fundamental analysis and technical analysis. There is a constant debate about which is better, but to tell the truth one must know well the two. Let's read a little more about each one and then compare the two methods.

First read the articles about each type of analysis: technical analysis, fundamental analysis and also read the article on technical analysis vs fundamental analysis.
After reading these articles came to the conclusion that:

* There are two types of analysis: fundamental analysis and technical analysis.
* Fundamental analysis looks at the strength and health of the economy. For example, the Euro gains strength because the EU economy is gaining strength.
* Technical analysis studies price movements. Technical analysis = charts!
* Technical analysis helps us to identify trends that help us to find good opportunities in the foreign exchange market.
* To be a successful trader needs to incorporate both types of analysis in his method.
different indicator to point out what decision come a head, will make the way to analysis distinguished. fundamental is economic report, and technical is what possibly chart can tell u about. both of them produce a specific conclude to read how possibly the market will behave.
there is no short cut way of learning , need to pass a minimum time , as beginners fro acquiring all basic information 6 months is enough , and to become a professional trader minimum need 2-5 years.
There are many advantages in trading forex. With merely internet connection and PC you can do the trading from your bed. From the Monday morning opening in Australia to the night close in New York, the forex market never rests. In forex trading, a little deposit you can start trading. Leverage gives the trader the capacity to trade with small amount.
high leverage means high risk , its not true exactly, if there is any risk it is complete with nonsense planning or zero risk management, nothing without it.
Newcomers should focus on others inevitable part of trading besides acquiring good trading knowledge. Controlling emotions , avoid revenge trading , overtrading , money management ,RR and much more things they have to observe for avoiding unfortunate loss.
Basically, trading without stop loss tool means, you are taking 100% risk reward ratio in your per trade position. It looks unrealistic!
Basically; which traders are with a learning approach; end of the day; they are enjoying their trading! As you know; Forex is all about learning & updating own trading skill.
if we cant take losses as a regular part it will be a great problem , because loss is a thing that we the traders of course have to face because its a very common thing .

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