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Types of Forex Trading

Traders have their own trading strategies that they select according to their trading understanding. I am a newcomer in Fx and started trading with small balance , for that reason I always have to depend on short time trading approach scalping . in spite of being a scalper I do prefer long term trading which is more safe than short time trading approach . but I have no way right now because of tiny amount.
There is anybody who is particularly newcomers but can make profit consistency by price action trading strategy? If anyone, please share more about. I want to professional in Pin bar trading approach.
The best part of the forex strategy is money management –make sure every time you trade , you don’t risk more than 2-3% of you account otherwise you will break your account pretty soon. I learned that lesson from my own experience.
Very good habit when trader they can discipline to implemented risk management only 2% or 3 % on single plan trading, it will giving more opportunity to start try again making better trades, experience will giving us more understanding with the trend market behaviour
Based on trading session; there have only 2 types of traders! Part timer and full times! BY the way, I started my trading a part times but now I am using this market as a full time trader!
In forex trading as trader will making analysis even use technical analysis approach or fundamental analysis approach is one way to analyze the market, and what type analysis that as the best one, I think will depending with each trader perspective and experience, because no perfect system trading
The Forex trading is a best place to make money very rapidly if you have good trading knowledge , powerful trading strategy very good support form a broker real money managing plan exact market analysis and much more.
The Forex trading is a best place to make money very rapidly if you have good trading knowledge , powerful trading strategy very good support form a broker real money managing plan exact market analysis and much more.
This business very promising to making triple money from trading, but nothing easy on trading, in fact so many trader fail on forex and only small percent that can generated good income regularly, if we trading forex will better spent money that afford to lose before imagine easy earning
According to me, the trading can be easier if you have proper trading plan , real money managing approach , knowing the ability how to manage risk , real time of using Stop Loss , proper trading analysis and much more. Otherwise not.
In the forex market there are two types of analysis you can use: fundamental analysis and technical analysis. There is a constant debate about which is better, but to tell the truth one must know well the two. Let's read a little more about each one and then compare the two methods.

First read the articles about each type of analysis: technical analysis, fundamental analysis and also read the article on technical analysis vs fundamental analysis.
After reading these articles came to the conclusion that:

* There are two types of analysis: fundamental analysis and technical analysis.
* Fundamental analysis looks at the strength and health of the economy. For example, the Euro gains strength because the EU economy is gaining strength.
* Technical analysis studies price movements. Technical analysis = charts!
* Technical analysis helps us to identify trends that help us to find good opportunities in the foreign exchange market.
* To be a successful trader needs to incorporate both types of analysis in his method.

Mate, unfortunately you missed an important point & this is, sentimental analysis! Yes, sentimental analysis is one of the most important pillar here; no way to ignore this topic.
According to me, If you love scalping should choose the broker which allows trading concept such as this. Actually scalping success on the lowest trading spreads currency pair. So we the scalpers have to choose the currency pair which has lowest trading spreads. Otherwise that’s not possible at all to make profit with certainly by scalping.
Dealing with loss becomes easy when you know what you are doing. When you know what you are doing, you know loss is a part of trading and you can recover it. The less knowledge we have the more fear we have.
Yes, it is. But we have to practice in demo how to handle a large amount which can be supportive in a live trading . for that reason we have to keep a mature trading mentality in demo .
Demo is the most decent way of learning Forex trading, but I also use back testing feature of Mt4 trading platform. Yes, no doubt demo is useful, but it’s a slow process! Besides, back testing is quick
Trading forex is easy but making reliable profit is the troublesome part. For that you require good learning, skills and experience. You can't plan to profit just by entering into the market. You have to learn the specialty of trading.
There are four main types of forex trading strategies: scalping, day trading, swing trading and position trading. Different trading styles depend on the timeframe and length of period the trade is open for.
There are 3 types of analysis in trading. Such as Fundamental Analysis / Technical Analysis / Sentimental Analysis All these analyzes have to be combined and traded.
If you want to learn forex, you can practice on a demo account. It will help you to learn all the tools and techniques of forex trading properly and perfectly.
demo experience sometimes doesn't work in really account, its really true. but that not mean , it is useless. beginners level of course minimum have to spend 3-5 months in here to ensure live trading experience.

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