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The Importance of Leverage in Forex Trading

At the bottom line, each trader should use leverage very wisely. Dont take too much risk if you are uncertain that your trading strategy can provide positive results.

Depending on high trading leverage is not a good choice! Here money management is the key point; since it’s a decentralized market so; we should always take care about it.
Having a target is good. But I don't think it is wise to try making a specific amount of money every day. Your earning will depend on the market situation.
The risk of margin trading with leverage is if the price against position and margin level reached margin call threshold, it will automatically broker closed position one by one until margin level reached above margin call level threshold if margin call level threshold reached and left one position, automatically close position and get stop out account.
there is no way to ignore the importance of demo , but we are not serious when trading , because no real money there is and no emotions for that reason.
consistency only the thing that i never be good at all about this , but tried it greatly, not in general life and not even Forex trading. only 2% traders in stock market have this attitudes.
Leverage is very important for trading discipline. If a trader makes a mistake in choosing the right leverage, he will never be able to survive in trading.
no way to deny the importance of trading experience. but to gain more knowledge and experience we the traders need pass a long time with great patience.
Almost all methods give profit if you follow the method properly. Most traders take impulsive decision while opening a trade even when they method doesn't allow them to open the trade. So controlling emotions is very important.
Leverage is important as it helps gain profits in the forex market. But it should be used only by those who can handle it well because it is a double edged sword.
Loss is an inviable part of trading that cannot avoid after passing a long time , but when we making loss , we lost control and trade over and over as a result we become loser ultimately and blame this market place.
The benefit of high leverage is simply that it can help us earn bigger profits. The disadvantage of using high leverage is that it is very risky also. But I think we should use high leverage when we are trading with a small amount of money. This helps us earn big profits even with small money.
earning depends on skill , patience and discipline, but we try to earn with no learning . real fact
To improve patience we need to be realistic. When it comes to forex trading, people become illogical. They want multiply 100$ in a day. Market moves all the time doesn't means all the pips are yours. Be realistic and treat it like a normal business.
the newcomers think always high leverage contains high risk but i dont think so , if there is any risk its all about non-sense planing with zero risk management.
For retail traders like us, leverage is very important. It gives us capability to trade. Without leverage we would need a lot of money to make a decent profit.

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