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Methods not the problem

Almost all methods give profit if you follow the method properly. Most traders take impulsive decision while opening a trade even when they method doesn't allow them to open the trade. So controlling emotions is very important.
sometimes trading can be useless even though there is lots of practice and analysis ,
just be patience when trading and dont be emotional.
Yes, I support you, it is possible to make a profit with any method. However, there must be a proper connection with that method. In trading, people are profiting from different methods. But every trader has to control his emotions.
We always advised by the senior traders and experts just for learning. but I think we the newcomers have to practice trading besides learning process. Demo account is more appropriate for them and as a learning Process newcomers can depend on Pips School.
Yes control emotion, included in psychology trading, although has good method but poor in psychology trading it could lead them to become reckless in decision making. rush, over trading, or take high risk in single trade, money management is important too
Systems/Methods do not lose money. It's the use of a system that lose money. Every system works in a specific situation. That's why patience is important. We have not wait until our system shows the trade. Follow the system. Don't make the system follow you.
This is the right thing to do.
The most important thing you have to do is to understand the mechanism of this approach and practice as much as possible on a demo to evaluate its effectiveness.
Still, each strategy has certain features, so it's still worth focusing on the personal characteristics of the market participant and how effective it is for your work, taking into account the time frame, schedule, selected assets, etc...
Well, it seems to me that some methods are already obviously outdated.
And you can definitely stop using them.
And pay more attention to something more modern and relevant.

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