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Kind of forex software

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by yudistirarizki, Apr 30, 2012.

  1. what are the types of forex trading software please describe each one uses the advantages and disadvantages ...help me please for all forex trader...
  2. the advantage of using forex software for me is to make trading easier (because you can download the mobile version), faster (you dont need to open the website first, login and then you can trade), and simpler (no more explorer tab)
  3. I think everybody should agree to this the main reason and the major reason why we have to use forex software is to make our trading work easy for us and also get us the best out of the market but unfortunately some robot do still disappoint us.
  4. for example are software that help us to be faster in our trading.. for example the tools from mt5toolbox
  5. Software can be Indicator, Expert Adviser, Script in MT4 and MT5
    There are another type of script in Vertex FX 10 that can run on server even while the client terminal is closed!
    It's called server side script
  6. NOw a days in this market a lot of sofware companies are launche so its too dificult to search out the genuine software provider am also taken this type of service but its not too fruitfull but i think nothing is better than your personal knowledge and skill
  7. It depends on the type of software you mean because I know that there are the trading which are there in number and they're also softwares. They are the MT4, MT5 and the Unitrader. There are also robots which are called softwares.
  8. And I would add to all this web platform MetaTrader 4! I use it in freshforex. Convenient, all the operations are online, you can trade and conduct analysis of financial markets in the web version of the platform, which is compatible with any operating system.
  9. good to hear that FreshForex do accept the Robot because some other brokers don't.
    there is no kind of software which is left aside as long as it make profit to the trader both in Forex or Option traders, all we need is reliable and nothing far from this on a software, so calculating you disadvantage or advantage in terms of making you profit fromthe market.