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Is zulutrade better than PAMM investments?

Discussion in 'PAMM-trading and Investments' started by vengot, Sep 28, 2012.

  1. its really hard to say, i mean, zulu if im not mistaken is a trade copier, and pamm is traded by someone else, when both accounts are in the hand of someone else, its kinda hard to control the risk but if luckt=y and ended up with a good trader it can be fruitful,
  2. i guess someone using it or has an ideal should say about using vps, but i dont think so.
  3. My broker hotforex suppoted Zulutrade but then they drop it and switched to PAMM. I also see they are same, anyone tell me the differences between Zulu and PAMM?
  4. Pamm , you invest and never trade it but if Zulu is all about copy trade, then you do some work of copying the trade.
  5. I haven't checked zulu yet however i have invested some of my amount in PAMM as well and so far it is good.
  6. To avoid losing investors put their investment on different traders. There is no telling how a good performing trader will do in future. So from investors point of view, diversification is the best way.
  7. I have started reading about Zulu and seems that it's a healthy option to consider, i think i should take some more time and then come up with how it could be beneficial.