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How much money did you win at forex?

Well, I definitely have profit. Though sometimes I have unsuccessful deals, but it's inevitable. I got a bit more than 500$ from the biggest profitable deal.
I never calculated but yes i made a good amount from the Forex field till date and its very much satisfied indeed ,actually we should trade as per the experience and the skill with the time to get the max benefit.
Right now I am making enough money here! Yes, at this moment I am trading with 20% monthly return! Honestly, this is quite enough for me! But in my 1st 2 years of trading I had faced so many problems! Over trading was my main problem!
Target acquisition profit from each trader will always vary, and how trading is also different, as in the scalping some pips profit target only just under 10 points in one transaction
It’s secret! But to be honest, now I am very happy on my monthly return! Besides, I am trying hard to update my trading skill thus I can make more money here so smoothly! By the way, I am, not making here 100% profit but a decent amount of money.
That’s wonderful.! Just be sure, you don’t get complacent. Just because you won big in one trade doesn’t guarantee success in future. In fact, success in first trades is almost a sure recipe for reversal in future. So, be cautious in your trades and when not too confident, take small bets.
I do not had any record of my wins in forex . I can tell that my profit is 20% monthly this time . I am making my performance better day by day .My capitals not so high so I can get low profits from my account having reasonable trading.Forex is a big support for my life earning.

I think 20% is a decent return! Whatever, how do you maintain the same result? Using the same pair & strategy? Or anything else?
I think if you can maintain money management and risk management, you can win a lot in trading. However, the strategy must be maintained properly. In that case, it is much better if there is a 1000$ deposit.
I don't think you need to make a specific deposit to trade. However, money management must be maintained. And you have to go ahead in trading by acquiring proper knowledge.
Successful traders do not show their profit or tell publicly how much he is making. Those who want to sell course and signals they share screenshot. The truth is if you can make yourself enough skilled you can make enough money by trading.

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