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How Much Knowledge Do We Need?

I know that knowledge is such an integral part of becoming a successful trader. But how much knowledge do we need? IS basic knowledge about forex literature already enough? Is knowledge from demo practice will do? Or both sources of knowledge is important? give me your opinions so that we can enlighten the beginners. :)


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Well, if we just know enough about Forex then we must not jump into the marker right away. Just know enough is more dangerous than know nothing because "know enough" just increase our confident, not mean that we can make money.

For me, I always keep in mind that I am newbies and there have much thing that I need to learn. I always search around the net for new thing and that's why I am here. I found this forum on Google and interest with how it's develop.
Friends we should have proper knowledge in order to enter trading field,check out first for 3-4 genuine companies then look out every company's features.After analyzing go for trade under company which have smart features!!
A newbie for forex online trading should learn and learn from many source for enhancing his/her knowledge about forex online trading. Long life education. A trader is not limited by the basic information about forex online trading. Learning experience.
Learning in forex never really ends because there's always a better way to do things and as we are human we sometimes need to re-instil the knowledge to keep us on track to seeing consistent profits. There is no need to stop the learning process when you get to the real account because you wont improve your knowledge and skills as a result.
Forex trading is a learning process. You do not become a professional trader overnight. You need to read about the process and understand trading strategies to be successful. However, the learning does not end in studying; you have to acquire the right skills by practicing only!!
indeed learn forex can not be done in just a blink of an eye it takes a very long time for us to master forex trading, even our parents would not be enough to learn forex trading forex because every time will vary depending on the movement of world prices of that while we continue to learn forex theory we also have to start learning practices so that we get the balance.
We can still learn forex trading or terminologies while we are also in demo trading. Since, its continuous learning and we are not going to just have fixed knowledge about forex as its like daily life experience making addition to our trading experience.
We can still learn forex trading or terminologies while we are also in demo trading. Since, its continuous learning and we are not going to just have fixed knowledge about forex as its like daily life experience making addition to our trading experience.

well that is right all those things have to be first learn while we are in demo account we need to learn all the good things that we suppose to learn and make it real before we left demo account to real trading account.
Forex trading does involve continuous learning indeed which is why the knowledge and skills will always increase as we go along the way. It is never ending so we cannot rightly say the amount of knowledge that is needed in order to become good traders because there is always room for improvement.
i think trading in demo is very important for newbies,but in my opinion a demo account is only to make newbies known about using the mt4 or mt5 and using their strategies there in demo we will not get the psychology of trading because we trade with a virtual capital,it would be better if a newbie should trade in real account with small amount of capital first to get the feel of trading
Simple. If you are trading in demo account and you are not earning virtual funds then that a clear sign that your knowledge is still not enough to make you a successful trader in forex. And if you are earning good and earning will in demo account and you fail in real account then that means you still need some improvement. But if you are already earning in real account then that's a clear sign that you actually have an earning chance.
Thus, the results of our trades in demo account will be similar to our real account. Because it will reflect on the same setup and strategy that's why its very important for us to be serious and take it like real trading. We don't only looking for basic here but also to enhance our skills.
First ,you should learn how to be patient in Forex.It is a very easy job for you to be a successful trader in a so short time.It will take you a long time in learning the basement of Forex,trading skills and money management.Practice makes perfect.You still need a lot of trading experience to help you to become a successful trader there.

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I think the most important thing is that you have a firm grip on the fundamentals. As long as you master the basic rules, only then can you consider expanding your knowledge into the more complex strategies and methods.

In FX trading, you never stop learning. While the basics can give you the most important foundation you need, you do not stop there. It's crucial to develop your knowledge and skills as you go along the way and use them to improve your risk management.
The basics are really important indeed because if you properly understand the basics of forex you will have a good foundation to build on as you continue to learn more. Along the way you will still get to improve your knowledge and skills in the process as you get more familiar with forex trading.
The amount of knowledge needed in Forex is infinite, but just to be successful requires some set of knowledge that is finite. What brings about the infinity is that as a trader, there is always the possibility of learning new things and acquiring new knowledge. And all these are important for growth in Forex trading as a career.
We need a lot of experience and knowledge if we want success in Forex trading, and for learning and also for experience demo account trading is the only easiest way i think, A trader can easily learn how to trade and can also learn all the necessary things related to Forex trading while practicing in demo account.
Yes most importantly we need to gain lots of experience. What good would it be to have knowledge but you have not gain a lot of experience also. You would need to gain a lot of experience because it would developed your skills more.
We dont need to learn as much as we can all the time because then we might eventually end up even confusing ourselves with too much information. Its just better make sure that whatever you are learning you do understand because then you will be able to implement it in your trades.