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How long one should use demo?

I am no one to answer that for you. In fact, no one is. You have to make this decision for yourself on the basis of what you think would be good for you.

Practice until you haven’t obtained enough practical knowledge about each and every aspect of the market.

FYI, I traded on my demo account for around 4 months.
Beginners can use a demo to develop and test their trading techniques or trading systems. The majority of people believe that demo trading is pointless. Because psychological trading talents are not based on actual money.

However, I believe that a demo should be treated as if it were in a perfect situation for optimal performance. As a result, newbies should try to do as well in live trading as they did in demo trading.

So on a demo account, how long should you trade?

It is debatable, in my opinion, you are ready to trade on a live account if you can execute your trading plans and methods effortlessly and flawlessly. However, be mindful of the dangers that live trading entails.
Your perspective makes sense to me. Too much of anything is bad, and the same should apply to demo trading. There is nothing you can do about that except to keep trying to improve your demo trading skills if you do not want to lose your money. It is just too risky to trade forex because there is no room for error. Any mistake can blow your account. Until I have enough capital to trade, I am trading on a demo account. When I have the funds, I hope my emotions don't get the better of me
You will probably have to demo trade for as long as you don’t find an answer to this question yourself. There is no time that needs to be dedicated to demo trading. Once you think that you are ready to take on the live market risks, you must go ahead without waiting for someone else to give you the confirmation.
It just depends on whether you feel ready to go live. If you feel like you are able to afford the losses that you could manage, that is when you are ready to go live. I think it can take months or even years.
The time required to be spent on a demo depends on the calibre of the person. There are some people who learn very fast, they may learn in less than 3 months, some may take 6 months to learn and some may take 1 year.
But, it is important that you do not rush into trading live. Take your time and practice thoroughly.
Yes, a good trading system should be used. But a trader should also know how to use it and be profitable. So practising on a demo is a must and time which is needed to spend on a demo account depends on the learning capabilities of the trader.
It is necessary to practice on the demo platform till the end of the course.
Demo account should be traded for at least a minimum of six months before moving to live trading accounts.
There is no deadline. It is different for each person. The demo will require you to create your trading strategy and plans. The demo is not intended for trade openings by chance.
Demo is a very useful tool. There is no limit to its use. A beginner should definitely use it for practising before starting real trading. Even if you have become an expert you would not feel good about losing any money. So, whenever there is something new that you would like to learn you should use demo trading first. This will allow you to test the new strategy or plan before using it in real trading.
Although a demo account is a great tool for practising forex trading, successful trading on a demo account does not promise success in real forex trading. The reason is that it misses some things like trader’s emotions as money involved is not real. So, demo accounts should not be used more than the time it takes you to get familiar with the platform.
That’s not something you should be asking others. Your decision should depend on your introspection. Usually, traders demo trade until they are sure that they have the required skills to risk their money and manage losses.
There is no specific time period for using a demo account. A trader can spend as much time as he/she wants to practice on a demo account. Even traders who trade live accounts return to using demo accounts when they want to try out new trading strategies.
No one can tell that to any other trader because the learning capability of everyone is different. Just because I took a month to understand a certain topic doesn’t mean you will take the same amount of time. You might cover it in just a week. So, just don’t follow what others are doing and take responsibility for your career on your own.
the demo account is really important for all kinds of trader but we the traders dont believe the importance of this trading place at all.